2010 Kid Kustoms Enzo Trike with Buddy Wag


(from Kid Kustoms Press Release)  Kid Kustoms is pedalling fun this summer and we're adding the buddy wagon and trailor so everyone can get in the mix. To make sue we help you schlep everything you need, we are offering 2 distinct models, 5 colors and a laundry list of accessories so you can match your trike to your personal style.

With its deep aluminum tub fixed to a single axle and custom billet disk wheels, or the matching 52 spoke wheels. The buddy trailer soaks up bumps and handles curves like its on rails. The aluminum arm clasps securely to the trike with a functioning ball and hitch and a trick spring back lock so you can load up the tub and have no worries your buddy will be right behind you.

The trike is available on its own and as a conversion kit that replaces the front end of the roddler with a simple 2 bolt application. Crafted from the finest material available and certain to become a family heirloom, the trike features interchangeable fenders with functioning brake lights, custom pedals, headlights, exhaust tips and grips to make sure no two are alike

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