2009 Kid Kustoms Oakley Roddler


(from Joe Iacono) Inspiration: I share a really close relationship to the Oakley Brand and some of its interior members. We are working on some signature concepts, and we thought it would be fun to do a promotional piece together. Oakley has no interest in strollers per say, but as a coolest stroller on the planet for parents, especially dads... we build one with the ultimate Oakley theme.

Oakley has always been known for its Tuff, Airborne look so the theme is inspired by one of my all time favorite planes, the p38 Lightning. Who cant enjoy wasting the enemy with 5 nose mounted 50 caliber machine guns. hahah dual twin turbo winged monster... (just like "The Roddler)

You can start to see the details:

Dog Tags
Front mounted guns (foot pegs)
White wall tires was like the prop rings that they used to do to tell it was American Planes
Dual Turbo covered wheels
Oakley Badges
POWMIA support patches
Army Right shoulder flag to support the stars always flying forward
Tail wing grip handle bars to hold on tight as the Roddler haul ass. :)
151 has no plane reference, just a nasty number. :)

Serious Wheels