2009 KTM X-Bow Clubsport


(from KTM Press Release)  The KTM X-BOW Clubsport

When KTM CEO Stefan Pierer and designer Gerald Kiska had the idea for their first four-wheeled
vehicle, the objective was soon clear. It stemmed from KTM's company philosophy, which demanded
that the X-BOW be a true ‘Ready to Race’ product. The revolutionary supersport car had to be equally
at home in all driving situations, whether on the road or on the racetrack. As a result, the best
specialist partner was selected to turn the radical idea into a reality: Dallara. The famous Italian
motorsport and supersport car manufacturer has been victorious with its designs in practically every
leading race series around the world. KTM and Dallara defined the key performance targets; and with
lateral acceleration of 1.5 g and downforce of around 200 kilograms at 200 km/h, the objective was to
set new performance records for production vehicles approved for use on the road.

Naturally, all these requirements were met and the KTM X-BOW Clubsport has proven this to
amateurs and professionals alike, both on and off the racetrack. And now there is a special X-BOW,
tuned to the needs of all those drivers who enjoy a regular outing on the race circuit. The Clubsport
model perfectly combines approval for road use with advanced features for the racetrack. Above all,
with regard to safety, it raises the bar on the already-unrivalled standard. The chassis, which already
employs formula racing technology with its adjustable shock absorbers (including preload adjusters) in
a pushrod arrangement, now offers even greater fine tuning options for ambitious amateur racers and
semi-professionals alike, with adjustable stabilisers and pushrods.

But above all, for 59,980 Euros (plus national taxes and import duties), the X-BOW Clubsport offers its
owners safety technology from GT motorsport, raising the extremely high level of safety provided by
the monocoque even further in several ways. The rollover bars are made from steel and the front
rollover protection structure of the monocoque is further enhanced. Side ‘protection drops’ have been
added, which prevent the wheels of other vehicles becoming entangled, along with a six-point safety
harness, emergency stop switch, racing head supports, a fire extinguisher and a dry battery.

Standard Clubsport equipment in detail:

- Carbon fibre racing monocoque with crash box made from visible carbon fibre
- Audi 2.0 TFSI engine with direct fuel injection
- Mechanical limited-slip differential
- Racing underbody and rear diffuser in aluminium composite and carbon fibre front splitter
- Performance suspension with adjustable rebound and compression damping and preload adjuster
- Adjustable pushrods and anti-roll bars front and rear
- Lateral crash guards and steel rollover bar
- Six-point safety harness, racing head supports, steel towing eyes
- Main power kill switch, hand-held fire extinguisher and dry battery
- Individually adjustable pedals
- Adjustable and removable multi-function steering wheel

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