2009 KTM X-Bow Superlight


(from KTM Press Release)  The KTM X-BOW Superlight

Weight reduces performance and detracts from the pleasure of driving. That’s why you won’t find
many of the conventional ‘comfort features’ in the KTM-X-BOW. The radical construction, without a
roof or windscreen, and the omission of air-conditioning and an entertainment system, are all intended
to focus the user’s concentration on a driving experience that is so pure as to be similar to that of a
motorbike. But that’s not all: for the first time ever in the history of series-production cars, a chassis
made completely of carbon fibre – or to be more precise, a carbon fibre monocoque – has been

For many years this chassis technology has formed the ‘safety net’ in Formula 1 and other single-
seater racing formulae, but on the road there have been only a very small number of supersports cars
in the very highest price category that have used a carbon fibre monocoque. KTM is proud to be the
first company to offer this chassis technology in an affordable form. Together with racing and sportscar
manufacturer, Dallara, and carbon fibre specialist, Wethje, the Austrian company has made the
lightweight X-BOW a reality.

Carbon fibre, the high-tech material from aerospace and Formula 1, opens up completely new
possibilities for sportscar construction that have been extensively exploited in the X-BOW’s
construction. It combines an incomparably strong structure – 35,000 Nm/o despite the open cockpit –
with extremely low weight (the complete carbon composite monocoque weighs only 90 kilograms) and
unrivalled safety. The X-BOW’s high-strength survival cell satisfied the stringent demands of the FIA
crash tests right from the start.

As the X-BOW Superlight model, this unique sportscar from KTM displays its motorsport-derived
technology for all to see. Added to the advanced monocoque, to which is mounted a carbon crash box
and inboard pushrod suspension, are the black body panels of visible carbon fibre that give the
Superlight its unique, technoid appearance. The flagship model in the X-BOW line-up is
comprehensively equipped. For 79,980 Euros (plus national taxes and import duties) this model
comes complete with limited-slip differential, lightweight alloy wheels with a single central wheel nut,
lap timer and much, much more.

The Superlight series features in detail:

- Carbon fibre monocoque with crash box in clear coat finish
- Audi 2.0 TFSI engine with direct fuel injection and 177 kW (240 hp)
- Smooth racing underbody, front splitter and rear diffuser in carbon composite
- Body panels and wheel covers in carbon fibre
- Individually adjustable pedals
- Adjustable and removable multi-function steering wheel
- ‘Keyless Go’ system
- Performance suspension, with adjustable compression and rebound rates, and with preload-adjuster
- Limited-slip differential
- Lacquered light-alloy wheels with single central wheel nut

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