2009 Lamborghini Toro Concept of Amadou Ndiaye


(from Amadou Ndiaye)  Lamborghini Toro LA 690-4

This concept is a modern interpretation of the Lamborghini Espada from the 60s.  The goal was to think of what could have been a GT Lamborghini with front centered engine (wish could be out in a very near future), and to compete with other models, such as the Mercedes McLaren SLR, the Aston Martin One 77 and the last Lexus LFA.

The design of this concept refers to the old Lamborghini Espada, but without falling into the neo retro style seen in recent Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang.  We can indeed see references to modern Lamborghini with sharp lines inspired stealth fighter planes.

The name LA 690-4 stands for "Longitudinale anteriore" wish means Front Longitudinal in English, 690 is the number of Horsepower and 4 is four wheel drive.

The Lamborghini Toro LA 690 will receive an all new V12 engine combined with a 7 speed double clutch transmission.  To reduce the weight and the fuel consumption at the same time, the chassis, the body panel and other parts are made from carbon fiber and magnesium.  As result the LA 690 will be around 3300 lbs.  This Lamborghini also introduce "Eco" features like the direct injection engine capable of running on both petrol and biofuel and a cylinder "cut-out system."

The price could begin at around 500,000 Euros, this concept could logically integrate Lamborghini's current range which is only composed of models with back centered engine.

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