2009 Lorinser smart fortwo


(from Lorinser Press Release)  Smart Power in Series

Sales start for the Lorinser Fortwo with 101 HP

After the fast-moving study, Sportservice Lorinser is now bringing the series version of the Fortwo on the road: it was worth waiting, as the look and driving experience of the power dwarf remain almost unfiltered. 101 HP (74 kW) – more than in any factory version – provide a smart power caracteristics in any situation. After all, at only around 800 kg vehicle weight, the "horses" have an easy job. The conversion is based on the three-cylinder petrol-fuelled turbo engine with its standard 84 HP (62 kW).

With the power training from Winnenden, the small vehicle with the rear-wheel drive accelerates to 100 km/h in under ten seconds, and is therefore over one second faster than the standard vehicle. The Lorinser upgrade for the basic petrol-fuelled vehicle with previously 61 HP (45 kW) is just as nippy. 71 HP (55 kW) are now being mobilised, just like with the average series motorisation, which in turn has an output of 82 HP (60 kW) after its power was increased by the famous customiser. All Lorinser models achieve a regulated top speed of 160 km/h, which is more than the fastest factory version. That's why the speedometer also receives a discreet update. The interior may be small but the looks are great. Lorinser has the following design parts in stock for you: a black leather steering wheel with aluminium, an accented parts set for instruments, centre consoles, ventilation and handbrake lever, pedals and footrest in aluminium.

You don't have to worry about the necessary overtaking prestige either. The wide spoiler bumper of the body-kit appears to virtually soak up the road with its U-shaped air inset, which houses a sporty mesh. In addition, Sportservice Lorinser will soon be offering a 4-pipe exhaust system that cheekily protrudes out of the well-proportioned rear bumper and leaves no doubt that we're dealing here with a real little bundle of power.

On the other hand, an extremely muscular "back" is the optical identifying feature for the Lorinser wing extensions. A total of 55 millimetres of width increase create space for giant 8.517 aluminium rims with tyre size 225/35R17 on the powered rear axle. In the front it is 717 inches and 205/40R17. The Speedy design with the six spade-shaped spokes is a real eye-catcher that signals distinct dynamics even when at a standstill. No empty promise, as the Fortwo allows high curve speeds thanks to the wide tyres. All that's left is the question to the pursuers: who's getting Shorty?

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