2009 Metromorph by Roman Mistiuk


(from Roman Mistiuk)  In general terms the Metromorph is aimed to address the evergrowing troubles of metropolitan cities, specifically parking and real estate space. As the user gets home the car rides up like an elevator and becomes a balcony, thus eliminating the hassle of parking and adding space to the apartment.  In order for that to happen here are the specific features of the design:

Drivetrain- the vehicle is powered by two in wheel motors placed in the back. There are two battery cases on the back as well.

Interior- the seats are held by rotating arms which keep the seat level when the vehicle goes vertical or horizontal. When the vehicle is a balcony the seats are plased on a rolling base which enables them to become lounge chairs thus freeing up the interior of the car to make it a balcony. The interior is also left fairly hollow to accomidate the balcony mode.

Exterior- the car is designed to not look like a car vertically mounted to a building and still look like a vehicle when its on the road. So the wheels are concealed toward the inside. Rather than go vertically llike many scissor doors today metromorphs arms rotate closely around the vehicle allowing the doors to freely open in a cramped area like a garage.

Serious Wheels