2009 Obvio 012


(from Obvio site)

  • High-performance microsport car with seating for three side-by-side
  • Monocoque integrated chassis design includes passenger safety cell utilizing “Niess Eliptical Survival Rings”
  • All laminated safety glass tinted windows, front and side impact airbags
  • Microsport special chassis length: 3.20 meters / 126 inches
  • Runs on any percentage of ethanol or gasoline in any combination of the two and also with NCG - natural compressed gas
  • Achieves a fuel economy of 12.5 Km/Liter (29.40 MPG) in urban driving and 17.3 Km/Liter (40.69 MPG) during highway driving when equipped with ZAP Eco-Flexible SUPER ULTRA LOW EMISSION VEHICLE (SULEV) - 1.6 Liter/115Hp high fuel efficiency Tritec power train coupled with ZFs Ecotronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

    Also available with Obvio!`s "HIGH-POWER SERIES" 170 and 250 HP engines. (All mileage ratings are estimated with 100 percent ethanol as the assumed fuel source, gasoline should yield about a 10 percent increase in mileage)

  • 012 is capable of a top speed of 100 mph with 115 HPs and more than 160 mph with 170 and 250 HPs versions, with optional six speed manual gearbox.
  • Four wheel independent strut suspension with powerful disc brakes on all four wheels
  • Pre-reserve your vehicle now, delivery available in the second semester of 2008
  • Targeted price: US$28,000

    012E - Plugin electric version - preliminary specifications

    Range 200 – 240 miles without charge
    Acceleration 0 to 60 < 4.5 secs with 200HP’s
    Top Speed 120 mph
    Charge rate 30 minutes for 20 – 50 miles
    Full Charge 2 hrs (fast), 5 hrs (normal)
    Electric Propulsion
    Drive system 120 kW, 220 Nm, 13,000 rpm
    Regenerative braking
    Innovative Lead Cobalt Battery made with Lead-Foam grids by Apollo Energy Systems, Inc.
    Charger Onboard, plug in anywhere - up to 20 kW
    Vehicle to grid (V2G) Bi-directional grid interface
    Analog Cluster Speedometer, ammeter, battery state of charge
    Multi-Function Display Energy use, efficiency, charge control functions,
    Cell-level voltage, temperature and V2G control

    Targeted price 012E will be US$59,000 - available in the last quarter of 2008.

    Dimensions and weight: Width: 1800 mm (71 in.) - Wheelbase: 2250 mm (89 in.) - Height: 1500 mm (59.0 in.) - Overall length: 3200 mm (126 in.) - Curb weight: 750 kg (1,648 lb.) - Tank: 50 liters (13.21 Gallons)

    A safe, high performance urban vehicle:

    Obvio!s vehicles will meet or exceed all USA D.O.T safety standards, all European Community Standards, and all Japan and China safety standards.

    The Obvio !s Monocoque chassis is bonded together with the body shell high-protection structure in a special process of reinforced composites in RTM Light – Resin Transfer Molding. The internal and external panels are in special high-tech Bio-Plastic from GE Plastics and delivers an “A” class finishing.

    The body shell and integrated chassis form a high strength monocoque structure, providing full passenger protection in rollovers, front, rear, and side impacts.

    Single piece, bonded construction yields high torsion and flexional stiffness, providing a solid body with superior handling.

    The “Niess Elliptical Survival Rings” allow the Monocoque chassis to function as a passenger safety cell, designed to distribute any impact throughout the vehicle’s structure. These elliptical survival rings are based on technology developed and patented by the Aeronautical Engineer Mr. Marc William Niess, who was acquired by Obvio !.

    There will also be a left-hand drive version available (steering wheel on the right side). Power steeringogon; Not necessary on a vehicle this light.

    All our key-suppliers are large, established companies, including MVC-Marcopolo - www.mvc-marcopolo.com.br - from the parent company Marcopolo - the world’s second largest bus factory ( www.marcopolo.com.br ) – specializing in the development of innovative solutions in plastics, using fully automated, high tech processes.

    Aerodynamic analysis in the wind tunnel allowed us to design the chassis for optimum engine ventilation, wind resistance, and ground effect;

    Obvio ! 012 key-tech specs:

    The metal chassis is bonded to the composite superstructure, meaning the chassis enters the "RTM Light" forms (Resin Transfer Molding Light) during manufacture, forming one solid piece with the superstructure and passenger safety cell

  • The integrated structure means the chassis doesn’t have “the hump”, or central channel. This leaves a nice, smooth floor with ample legroom and a clean interior look. Essentially the front seat is like a comfy sofa, or if you prefer, think of it as a throwback to bench seats
    The gearshift is located on your left, between the door and the seat, with the electronic six speed “manual gearbox style” control integrated in the steering wheel;
  • Rear wheel drive with mid-mount engine
  • Detachable "Boblbee" backpacks are part of the interior design;


    A/C, bucket seats, power windows/mirrors/power locks, and leather.

    iMobile Carputer: Gives you one display with live vehicle diagnostic and maintenance tools, voice assisted turn-by-turn navigation, integrated organizer with mobile device sync ability, a mobile media center incorporating features normally expected from a home theater system*, web connectivity, emergency services, and safety features such as a rear view monitoring camera.an Obvio! experience like no other.

    With all the Audio and Video options included, you can watch movies, live news, sports, and business information anywhere you go in a Windows based Multimedia environment with Dolby 5.1 output in digital SPDIF format, XM satellite radio. System supports Multi Format Audio - MP3, WMA, DVD-Audio, WAV and Multi Format Video - AVI, DVD, MPEG, WMV, DIVX. Includes a Pro-Acoustic internal ambience system with amplifier connected to speakers developed by ASK Sound Systems. An exclusive MiniFin integrated antenna for WAN, WWAN, Wi-Fi2, GPS, GSM-GPRS and FM links it all together. And we didn’t forget your iPod, there are USB2.0 ports in the dash.

    Intelligent vehicle connectivity system continuously monitors vehicle's sensors for diagnostic problems, with integrated OBD-II scan tool for trouble code retrieval, "Check Engine" light reset, and live sensor data. Dual trip odometers track your progress with ELAPSED TIME, DISTANCE, and AVERAGE SPEED. You can view all vehicle information with virtual instrumentation at the touch of a button, allowing you to catch problems before they leave you stranded on the side of the road.

    Wheels and tires:

    Exclusive Obvio! Design / Mangels alloy wheels, 19" x 7" front and 19”x 8,5" rear, Continental tires 215x45x19 front and 245x40x19 rear.

  • Serious Wheels