2009 Panther Motors ScootCoupe


(from Pather Motors press release)  THE FUN, SAFE, RELIABLE TWO PASSENGER SCOOTER


The ScootCoupe , a three wheel scooter, is a fun, hip way to get around and save gas. It was developed by Dominick Livoti in 2004 when, as an operator of a chain of scooter rental companies, he saw a need for a safer, more reliable scooter for his clients. Customers who rented his two wheel scooters were subject to the typical operational difficulties and dangers that go with two wheel vehicles; especially for tourists who were part time riders at best.

Using his customers and his own experience with scooters, Dominick made a check list of all the features he wanted the ideal scooter to have. The scooter needed to have side by side seating to enhance the driving experience and permit safe conversation between occupants. Stability was essential, along with impact and rollover resistance, and rugged, reliable components. Most of all, it needed to be a blast to drive!

The result was the ScootCoupe, a sleek three wheel scooter unlike anything on the market. The ScootCoupe features a high gloss, gel coat fiberglass body mounted over a steel frame which protects against side impacts and connects to steel rollover bars. Also, two point seat belts were added for a first ever belt restraint system on a scooter. Some more safety features include: rack & pinion steering, all wheel disc brakes, overhead bars, high visibility lighting and emergency flashers. These features ensure a stable and safe riding experience. It's also easy to operate- just twist and go- no shifting or clutch- you stop by squeezing the handlebar brake levers like a bicycle. The unique braking system automatically controls front and rear brakes so there's no room for error, just powerful disc braking. The Scootcoupe has only hand controls, which allows even handicapped users to rediscover the joy of Powersports!

Dominick formed Panther Motors Inc, now located in Tamarac, Florida, and began building the ScootCoupes in 2005. Everyone loved it so much he built some more and soon all his friends in the rental business around Florida began placing orders. The word spread throughout the rental industry and within 2 years there were rental fleets around the nation, from Key West to Honolulu. The fleet orders keep coming in and today the P50 model, which registers as a moped and goes 35mph, remains a very popular model with commercial users.

Dominick then began receiving calls and e-mails from all the people who rented them around the nation. The calls were all similar- we loved it so much and want to buy one- can you make it faster?

Panther Motors decided to expand in 2008, introducing the P150 to fill this consumer demand. This ScootCoupe was faster, wider and came standard with a 9.8 hp 4 stroke engine capable of traveling at 55mph. This motorcycle class ScootCoupe offers the exhilaration of a high performance cart but is street legal and DOT/EPA approved. As a bonus, it gets about 80 mpg. The initial run of P150s sold out very quickly and Panther Motors is working overtime keeping up with the orders. Families, commuters and collectors just love this racy, unique and inexpensive motorcycle.

The ScootCoupe comes in four fun colors red, blue, yellow, and green. Black, white and pink are also available by special order. Although it was originally conceived as a commercial rental product, the ScootCoupe has become popular with commuters seeking a gas saving daily errand runner as well as corporate users who have them wrapped in their company logos. From national chains to local pubs, companies are using the ScootCoupe as a great tool for getting their brands noticed.

The 2009 P150 takes the ScootCoupe to yet another level. They come pre- wired for optional accessories such as the 100watt/channel ipod/mp3 boosters and GPS navigators. Just plug in your ipod and enjoy all your favorite music while you drive. GPS systems offer mp3 capabilities as well as navigation and are bluetooth enabled so you can even talk on the phone via your earpiece while you drive! Standard features include rack&pinion steering, dual wishbone independent front suspension, abs disc brakes, internal wheel bearing hubs, five spoke alloy mag wheels, locking trunk and glove box, seat belts and much more. This is no ordinary scooter !

So if you think you have everything, think again. This ultra cool ScootCoupe is a must have for any motorcycle enthusiast or family seeking something new and exciting. The ScootCoupe is a state-of-the-art vehicle that is economical, safe, and loads of fun to drive. It continues to grow in popularity as people discover all that can be done with it.

Panther Motors only builds a few hundred a year so dont wait too long to order yours, they sell out rather quickly according to Dominick. Panther Motors can even ship them anywhere in the US, fully assembled and ready to drive. You can visit Panther Motors on the web at www.scootcoupe.com

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