2009 Project Kahn Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead


(from Project Kahn Press Release)  Project Kahn Drop Head Coupe

And just as we've all got used to the idea of the modern Rolls Royce, Project Kahn launch a new two-door version, exclusively designed to make the most stylish impact of them all.

Ever the aristocrats of the road, Project Kahn have infused a level of bespoke authenticity to the luxurious phantom Coupe that will bring back memories of the time honoured Rolls Royce tradition while providing up to date European styling keeping with the Rolls Royce ethos.

Arriving in the Project Kahn Phantom DHC at the Oscars or at the casino in Monte Carlo would ensure everyone will know someone special is about make a grand entrance; it is built to arrive.

The first thing that hits you is the sheer size of the thing; at over 18 feet long, it's 31 inches longer than a Range Rover Sport and, standing over 5ft tall, you'll never go unnoticed driving this car simply because there is nothing like it in the entire motor industry.

Dynamically this is no sports car but then that doesn't really matter as the coupe delivers something much more special to its occupants. If you want to be locked away in the ultimate cocoon of luxury then this is the car for you.

From inside the cabin - you will never experience a car that's quieter than this one.

Then there's the way the enormous doors are hinged from the rear, making every time you enter the car feel very special.

To close, simply press the little button on the dash. That's why this car exists: to pamper its owners in sheer luxury; think of it as a super- exclusive mobile therapy experience without the scented candles
or whale calls and you'll get the idea.

The foremost features of the phantom Coupe are exquisite to say the least. The wheel has been designed to take the original centre cap and has a meticulous diamond polish in each spoke, and the interior is truly sensational. Our new 9.5 X 22" Kahn Dark Mist Rolls Royce wheel is subtle, and provides OE fitment with superior style. This effortlessly compliments the Rolls Royce.

Now owners of the Rolls Royce Coupe can testify to the exuberance of passion and sumptuous beauty of Afzal Kahn's designs.

For more information on the Kahn Drop Head Coupe and the Dark Mist wheel along with additional products; call Snowy Kahn on 01274 749 999.

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