2009 Reiter Lamborghini Murcielago Streetversion


(from Reiter)  The main objective of the REITER Strada concept is to bring the technology, experience and know-how from many years of motorsport activity to the street. A typical Lamborghini, in itself a work of art, nevertheless leaves a few areas for optimization.

The REITER Murciélago Strada is designed in the style of its aggressive looking brother the race REITER Murciélago R-GT. Large quantities of carbon-fiber are also used on this model. The front splitter, rear diffusor and rear wing are manufactured specially from this precious material. The application of original Alcantara leather in the cockpit for the in-house designed sports bucket seats lends the car more than a touch of sporting elegance.

The undoubted spectacular appearance of the REITER Murciélago Strada is more than emphasized by the sound of our exhaust system.

The race proven suspension, for which a special set-up was developed during the course of a lengthy and extensive test program by our professional race drivers and engineers, improves the handling. This, combined with the racing brake-system and REITER light-alloy wheel rims, ensures that the entire package provides the greatest driving pleasure.

It is not only the wheel rims that originate from the REITER Murciélago R-GT race car, but also an optional roll-cage with Alcantara "soft-sleeve" covering, or a state-of-the-art light-weight carbon covered fire extinguisher system can also be installed.

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