2009 Renault New Alpine Concept Design


(from Renault Press Release)  Car designed by Marcello Felipe Maggioni - student of the course Design of Mobility - Transportation Design, from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP - São Paulo, Brazil). With the primary objective of homage the car that inspired the study and pursue his career in car design, propose the stylization of Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo 1987.

Even adjusting the current and future lines of the Renault´s brand, maintained the consistency with the original characteristics of the vehicle, as its traditional and significant volume of sports car, with its central rear engine and the large front flashlights near the ground.

In this new proposal, the distributions of the xenon headlamps of the front flashlights remind the tradition of the Alpine´s brand, where in the 60´s, the "Alpines of Rally" had four headlamps, two originals and two assistants near the center of the car.

However, this project has brought new features, such as the front air introductions, above the headlights, and subtle and smooth rear air entry straight to the engine, located in Column C. It is also relevant the application of leds on front and rear flashlights, with three-dimensional leds, which aim to reflect the light in the rear of the vehicle, supported by carbon fiber rod.

Its engine is the R-27 of the Renault F1 team, but adapted to the streets. Its receptacle is treated as a jewel box, where the engine is apparent, being protected by carbon fibers pieces set. A great transparent glass and a large logo of Renault warn everyone that this car has the same DNA of Renault from race tracks.

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