2009 StudioTorino Fiat 500 Diabolika


(from StudioTorino Press Release)  Diabolika, an artistic version of the Fiat 500, shows what Studiotorino means for interior and exterior exclusive personalisation.

Sitting and driving the Diabolika is like to get in a super New edition of the famous comic strips. Here you can become accomplice and protagonist in a contest to share the everyday exploits of Diabolik and his partner Eva Kant.

The driving comfort is emphasized by excellent materials smartly painted on digital printing automotive leather (DPAL) and the precious sewn upholstery which complete this unique car. This time the Diabolika is not pushed by a powerful engine, but by the strength of the imagination.

It is designed and prepared by Studiotorino and Mycrom (www.mycrom.com) in collaboration with the historical publisher Astorina (www.astorina.it; www.diabolik.it). The body is painted with a particular mat black supplied by PROIN.T and sprayed by ADM Painting (www.admpainting.it). Two mat red fins, classic decoration of Studiotorino fine sport cars, characterize this automobile. These colours remind the ones of the original comic strips.

The wheeI system fits the new BORRANI spoked rims (www.ruoteborrani.com), reminding the mythical Jaguar E, Diaboliks personal car.

The 1/50 Diabolika mounts a unique edition of PIRELLI tires, especially hand cut and built with the Diabolik eyes shape. Pirelli will supply the Diabolika with standard tires.

The system is completed by sports drilled disc brakes produced by BREMBO.

An amusing touch completes some details in decoupage technique.

The target is to embellish 50 cars, in order to transform them in exclusive specimens, numbered and signed STUDIOTORINO - DIABOLIK Collection.


The technological innovation of this project is the artistic printing on leather. Maria Paola Stola suggested to transfer the digital printing technology on textile to automotive leather supports. This is the real evolution for the cars interiors setting. The result of this process is a fine leather perfectly identical with the finest single-colour products existing on the market, in touch, smell and wear and tear.

The digital printing technology is a peculiarity of MYCROM, our partner in this project who, following Maria Paola Stola intuitions, studied for the first time the leather digital printing cycle, obtaining an excellent quality superior to any possible expectation.

The experimentation process was supported in all his aspects by MARIO LEVI company(www.mariolevi.it), supplier of the materials for automotive applications. The company SALT (www.salt.to.it), leader in prestigious upholstery realisations and historical technical partner of Studiotorino, sewn the artistic leathers, succeeding in a masterly way coupling in the space the Diabolik characters and contributing to the prototype realization.


Mat black painting by ADM Painting with mat Diabolik red fins
Plexiglass plaques on the body side with Diabolika writing
BORRANI spoked wheels
BREMBO Sports drilled disc brakes
PIRELLI special edition tires, hand cut and built with the Diabolik eyes shape (for 1/50)

Handmade upholstery
Seats and door panels upholstered with technical digital printing and mat black leathers (primo fiore)
Headrests in black patent leather
Steering wheel, handbrake lever and speed gear guard handy sewn with red thread and
upholstered in mat black leather
Textile sun screen printed with an original drawing
Cockpit upholstered in alcantara and soft touch painted plastics
DK personalized carpets and documents folder
Fiat Sport pedals
Speed gear knob personalized in red and titanium colours
Personalized Bosch radio (for 1/50)
Sports bag Diabolika
Different items in decoupage technique with automotive finishing
Internal drawers upholstery with printed leather and Swarovski crystals

Printing of leathers and textiles by Mycrom
Diabolik drawing are original and exclusive by Astorina srl (Enzo Facciolo illustrator)
Upholstery cared bySalt with Mario Levi Automotive Leather

Serious Wheels