2009 TechArt Porsche 911 Aerokit I


(from TechArt Press Release) On principle.  The TECHART Aerokit I for the new Porsche 911 models.

Only genuine TECHART individualisation programmes are defined by the typical TECHART features. Aesthetic and technical. Visible and invisible. One of these is a basic principle of all TECHART products: quality original equipment manufacture.

The new TECHART Aerokit I for the new Porsche 911 model is characterised by its unrivalled exterior design and its inner values: optimal aerodynamic values, confirmed by wind tunnel tests and high quality polyurethane RIM throughout. And, of course, all produced at the company’s manufacturing site in Germany.

TECHART is presenting its programme for the new Porsche 911 models at the Essen Motor Show from 28 November to 7 December 2008.

TECHART Aerokit I for Porsche 911, model year 2009

Vehicles fitted with the TECHART Aerokit I demonstrate a passion for perfection, even at first glance. The result of development work and wind tunnel tests: a sporty and elegant appearance typical of TECHART as well as optimal driving stability thanks to reduced buoyant forces and balanced aerodynamics on the front and back axels.

The new front spoiler I emphasises the dynamics of the new 911, reduces buoyant forces on the front axle and ensures optimal air flow for the effective cooling of the brakes. The air inlets on the front of the vehicle also come with new decorative features. Sill panels emphasise the vehicle’s strong side lines.

A roof spoiler and three different types of rear wing enable precise aerodynamic adjustments to the back axel. The elegant rear wing I, the sporty rear wing III with its fixed wing profile and the variable rear wing IV with integrated back pressure air channels and additional adjustable gurney flap.

The newly designed decorative trims for the exterior mirror – varnished, in carbon fibre or a new chrome finish – as well as headlight trims, TECHART light-metal wheels, striking sports exhaust in a typical double-oval design and individually adapted interior fittings are just some of the options which form part of the comprehensive TECHART individualisation programme for the new 911 models.

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