2009 Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz SL Maxx


(from Wheelsandmore Press Release)  Wheelsandmore from Baesweiler/Germany presents their SL-Maxx and is combinating stylistic elements with incredible engine performance.

With basically 500hp the AMG version has already a nice performance, but the specialists thought of much more and did professionally well.

By using high speed cam shafts and special valve springs, combinated with a stainless steel, valve controlled exhaust system within an 4in1 manifold and 200 cells sports catalysts and an ecu update, the tuningcrew tuned up the carīs power up to unbelievable 600hp with now 765lb-ft of torque.
To handle those power the rear axle got a differential lock, working variable between 20-80% an extra feeling of power is submitted because of a changed transmission control unit.

First time wheelsandmore is showing their TS-1 ultralight-forged wheel as wide as shown on a serial body. They took an unbelievable 4“ outer rim on the front and a 5“ rim on the rear axle without using a bodykit. The centers of those high-end-wheels are rotationally forged, high gloss consolidated and bolted together with the stainless steel outer rims by ultralight titanscrews. The result is a perfect fitment using 9,5x20“ rims with tyres 245/30/20 Dunlop Sport Maxx on the front and 11x20“ rims with 285/25/20 Dunlop Sport Maxx on the rear axle.

The serial suspension is lowered by a special electronic modul called „LowMaXX“ to get the perfect look and the maximum grip on any racetrack.

To allow maximum performance and providing a tremendous sound the specialists used a handmade satinless steel exhaustsystem with a remote controlled valve system. In the end the tips are trying to show a little bit of understatement by being serial look a like.

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