2010 9ff Porsche DR640


(from 9ff Press Release)  Since recently the new Direct fuel injection Porsche 997 Turbo is available at the German market.  Ex works with fl at 6 engine with a cubic capacity of 3800 cubic centimeters and a maximum of 500 HP.

9ff engine modifications

The tuner 9ff now offers the fi rst increases in horse power output for the new Turbo. The following engine modifications are from now on available at 9ff Fahrzeugtechnik:

9ff DR640 9ff ex works
Max power: 640PS/471KW 500PS/368KW
Max torque: 830NM 650/700NM

The conversion includes:

  • 9ff valve exhaust stainless steel with 9ff design end
  • 9ff sport catalytic converters OBDII Euro5 approved
  • 9ff sport air filter, 9ff intercoolers
  • 9ff exhaust manifolds stainless steel
  • 9ff clutch (with 6 speed manual gearbox)
  • 9ff ECU upgrade

    Price: 17.980,00 Euro plus mounting and tax

    The 9ff TR640 does the sprint from 0-300km / h in only 26 seconds.  Technical features like the PDK (Porsche Doppelkupplung) as well as the Sport Chrono Package Turbo are adapted from 9ff accordingly.

    9ff aerodynamics

    9ff offers the new 9ff aerodynamics Kit GTurbo design also for the model 2010 of the Porsche Turbo.
    It consists of a front apron with indicators LED, 9ff rear wing and a rear apron.

    Price: 8,900.00 Euro plus assembly, painting and tax

    9ff rims

    The new 9ff GTurbo design rims are also available for the modified Porsche Turbo. Optional with 9ff
    central lock system too.  The 9ff GTurbo design rim is available in the dimension
    8,5x19“ / 11x19“.

    Price: 4,980.00 Euro plus tax
    Price: 5,980.00 Euro with 9ff central lock system
    plus tax

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