2010 BMW M2 Concept Design of Amadou Ndiaye


(from Amadou Ndiaye)  BMW M2 :

The BMW M1 was the latest BMW amongst the series to have an engine in rear center position. This model has been revisited through the BMW M1 Homage in 2008. The model series of the BMW Concept is still awaited but it would be interesting to imagine what would be a model of sport entry level by the German manufacturer, a car smaller and more accessible than the legendary M1 and which would compete with the Porsche Cayman or Audi TT. This concept could be equipped with a V8 (the one of the next M5) combined with a manual gearbox or 7-speed automatic. And in the continuity of BMW concepts in recent years (Active E & Vision Efficienct Dynamics Concept) a hybrid version would complement the offer.

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