2010 Cargraphic Porsche Panamera Power Pack


(from Cargraphic Press Release)  Panamera Power-Pack

Cargraphic has already produced an increase in power to 550 hp for the turbo version of the four-door Porsche

With its 4.8-litre V8 engine, the new Porsche Panamera offers enormous potential for power. However, even the turbo version reaches its limits at 368 kW/500 hp.  But the Porsche specialists of Cargraphic in Germany are now showing what they're made of by achieving a ten per cent power upgrade.

With 404 kW/550 hp and a torque plus of 75 Nm, the acceleration is now just below the four-second mark. Even the speedometer needle gets a slight boost at top speed right around the 300 km/h mark. Thanks to the standard all-wheel drive and the efficient 7-speed PDK transmission, the extra power can be found exactly where it belongs: on the road.

Along with a DME control unit, the Cargraphic power kit includes a pair of sport air filters to allow the oxygen-hungry turbo to "breathe" even better. The price for the effective "speed package" developed in Landau is 1,495 euros (plus VAT). To make the special status of the Cargraphic Panamera even more prominent, the traditional company with a 25-year history can also happily provide various sets of
attractive alloy wheels. There is something to suit all tastes and standards, ranging from the sporty 19" IS-ONE flow-forming wheel to the extravagant three-piece 22" GT, GT-R and I-10 forged wheels. This lets the customer really show their true colours - especially as they are free to choose the paintwork of their aluminium rims.

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