2010 DOK-ING XD Concept


(from DOK-ING Website)  Croatia's First Electric Vehicle Goes to Geneva Auto Show

Croatian DOK-ING will present its concept electric vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show March 4-14. The XD has a small length (2.8 meters), comfortable interior (width 1. 7 meters, height 1.6 meters), and performance of a compact sports vehicle.

The XD is a concept vehicle that seats three adults and has a powerful electric engine that is capable of acheiving 0-100 km/hr in 7.7 seconds. Such performance is typically only found in compact sport cars with 200 KS. Employing the latest technology, the design team completed the work on the XD in three months - a figure sure to surprise many in Geneva.

The XD has a number of impressive safety features on the vehicle and electrical system. These technologies were developed by DOK-ING. DOK-ING is known for building vehicles that protect human life and use hybrid and electric engines. This same philosophy was employed in building the XD.

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