2010 JE Design Seat Leon Cupra R


(from JE Design Press Release)  JE DESIGN ignites the Seat: Most powerful Leon Cupra R becomes even stronger

•JE DESIGN increases the performance to 330 hp
•Entire aerodynamics kit enhances dynamics
•Luxury leather equipment with massage system for interior
•All components approved by the Technical Control Board (TüV)

Seat brings more emotion to the roads. The Cupra R is the strongest Leon. JE DESIGN bestows the Spaniard with even more fire. With enhanced performance, an aggressive aerodynamics kit and flaming red colours, the refined Cupra R stands out from its serial counterparts. Also the enhanced suspension, the light alloy wheels and the interior demonstrate the fiercer re-modification by JE DESIGN.

The two-litre TFSI engine renders nearly one quarter more performance after the JE DESIGN engineers from Leingarten, Germany have finished their work. Instead of 265 hp (195 kW), the Cupra R now reaches 330 hp (243 kW). The maximum torque is increased from 350 to 420 Newton metres. Therefore, the Seat reaches the 100-kph limit in already 5.8 seconds instead of the former 6.2 seconds. The acceleration ends at 268 kph, while the serial model achieves its top speed at 250 km/h.

The Cupra R owes this additional power to the optimised control unit, the sports air filter, the metal catalyser, the front- and centre mufflers and the four-pipe stainless steel exhaust system. JE DESIGN offers the entire performance kit for 6200 Euro including VAT and includes a 12-months warranty.

The enormous performance enhancement is confirmed with the new Cupra R aerodynamics kit (entire kit for 1539 Euro). The front spoiler (319 Euro) with the centre sword (149 Euro) sucks the front to the road surface and the rear wing (459 Euro) renders the necessary downthrust. The side skirts (299 Euro) pacify the air flow and convey it to the rear wing extension (299 Euro) with the centre diffuser insert (99 Euro). The latter is surrounded by two stainless steel end pipes at both sides measuring 90 millimetres (899 Euro). Of course, JE DESIGN offers all aerodynamics components with an approval by the Technical Control Board (TüV).

On top, the Seat is fiercely looking ahead thanks to the headlight blends (89 Euro) and the daylight running lights “Dark-Line“ (299 Euro) sparkle above the fog lights. Further fiery impressions are rendered by the colour design. JE DESIGN varnishes the front spoiler sword, the letter R in the grill, the mirror caps, the diffuser insert and many more details in a flaming red colour. The flag decoration at the sides further enhances the hot soul of this Leon.

For enhanced road holding, the lowering springs bring the Cupra R 25 millimetres closer to the tarmac (159 Euro). Those who wish to reduce the distance to the road individually by 15 to 44 millimetres can opt for the KW-coilover suspension made of stainless steel (979 Euro). For highest demands, JE DESIGN moreover offers a KW coilover suspension Variant 3 with adjustable traction- and compression phase (1549 Euro).

The especially designed light alloy wheels “Multispoke“ in 8x19 inches now fill the wheel houses. Especially for the fiery Cupra R, JE DESIGN has varnished the wheels in racing red and equipped them with high performance tyres measuring 235/35 (entire wheel set from 2810 Euro).

The interior perfectly matches the pure dynamics under the hood and the exterior. Either the interior is lined entirely in leather or a combination between leather and ultra-suede and emphasises the agility of the car (1599 Euro). Not only the seats, but also the door linings are embroidered with the noble material. Moreover, JE DESIGN covers the gear shift skirt and the hand brake cover (set for 179 Euro) with finest ultra-suede. The customer can freely choose and combine the colour of the leather, ultra-suede and embroideries. Moreover, JE DESIGN adds an individual logo at the back of the front seat (79 Euro) and includes a two-stage seat heating (379 Euro).

JE DESIGN presents the most agile Seat Leon Cupra R with a dynamic and noble interior and fiery exterior. Therefore, the auto emoción gets an extra share of passion.

For more information about the extensive JE DESIGN programme, please visit the web site www.je-design.de/en

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