2010 Kicherer Mercedes-Benz E-Class


(from Kicherer Press Release)  Kicherer E-Class: Elegant and sporty

Kicherer has recently brought out onto the market its first complete tuning package for the new E-Class thus making the limousine from Schwabenland even more sporty and exclusive.

Based on the new E-Classe with the AMG-package Kicherer has upgraded the limousine with its own three-part forged 20 inch aluminium rims. These are in addition to a suspension with recognisable sports lines. The new sports exhaust system with two powerful end pipes to the right and left makes its mark on the scene both optically and acoustically.

A new front spoiler made of carbon, a mirror cover also made of carbon as well as a rear skirt and small rear spoiler (naturally also made of carbonfibre) ensure a clear presence.

Kicherer has upgraded the interior of the Mercedes E-Classe with a sports steering wheel, numerous visual carbon applications as well as leather coverings for the doors and dashboard. 

Performance improvements are available for nearly all petrol and diesel engines. In addition the dynamics of the E-Class can be improved without improving its performance. To do this Kicherer has developed additional electronics which they have called the PowerConverter.  This ensures that the driver‘s commands to the accelerator are transmitted to the engine without delay. The vehicle thus reacts with more ‚bite‘ even without any increased performance.

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