2010 Kicherer Mercedes-Benz SLS Supersport


(from Kicherer Press Release)  KICHERER SLS Supersport Edition Black:
Black - Matt - Powerful

In the matter of individualisation the traditional fine tuner KICHERER has taken on the new AMG Mercedes SLS.

True to the company's philosophy to only make coherent amendments and to retain the basic form of the AMG, an in essence even more sporty version than the wing-door version was created. Especially the aerodynamics have benefited from a high-class fine tuning. For this the developers developed and mounted a sports spoiler skirt at the front and special diffuser fins on the rear of the vehicle. All new parts designed by KICHERER are naturally made of high quality carbon. A further highlight on the sports car are the 3-part 20 inch RS-1 lightweight wheels. The classic double-spoke design harmonises perfectly with the equally classic sportscar silhouette of KICHERER's SLS Supersport Edition Black.

For this a sports screw-thread suspension was fitted with a so-called "front-up" system. This enables not only a more sporty driving mode but also suits the sports car very well. In addition it allows the vehicle to be raised at the front at the press of a button so that obstacles such as entries to underground carparks and "sleeping policemen" can be more easily overcome.

At the rear of the vehicle a KICHERER stainless steel exhaust system with four oval endpipes sonorously eject the exhaust fumes into the open.

An integrated valve control gives the driver - as the occasion demands - the possibility of choosing between a sonorous and a discreet tone.

The KICHERER developers have also tuned the performance screw and thus achieved an every day engine output of 620 PS - instead of the 575 PS of a standard vehicle.

The distinctive name change is based on the special foliation applied to the SLS' chassis. The matt-black film has no cut edges, is extremely elastic and in addition protects the original varnish from damage or pollution.

So, when all is said and done the KICHERER SLS in the truest sense of the word black, matt and powerful.

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