2010 Lamborghini Furia Concept of Amadou Ndiaye


(from Amadou Ndiaye)  Lamborghini Furia :

This concept is based on a platform similar to the one used for the LP560

Compared to the Lamborghini LP 560 the shape remains practically the same. The particular improvement concern the backside of the car where headlights were entirely redesign; changes were also made in the front of the car with air intakes more prominent with LED Day light right above. The picture window which crosses the whole roof of the car makes it possible to illuminate the cockpit but also to see the engine located just behind the 2 passengers.

The arrival of air intake in the back of the side panes allows to cool the engine but also to direct another flow of air towards the back aileron which is raised at high speed only .

This concept is what the Reventon is to the Murcielago : an exclusive version with an increase in performance and a renewed design.

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