2010 Lorinser Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212


(from Lorinser press release)  The W212 premium limousine:   The new E-class as a top-class Lorinser

The popular luxury car from Mercedes Benz already has six decades of model history behind it. It was only natural for Sportservice Lorinser, a company with long tradition, to take on the type W212 limousine with special devotion. The result is an optical and technical masterpiece, which is available from now.

The world-renowned four-eyed face of the completely re-designed classic is captivating in its tuned version thanks to the extremely bold expression. The strikingly angular front headlights are joined by a black coated grill, which is thrillingly pushed into centre of attention by the front spoiler that has been stretched further forwards.

Its new aura is not just mysterious, but also oozes power. The designers knew that by having a middle section in the bumper marked with a different colour, they would be able to skilfully emphasise the typical Lorinser gills in the fenders as well as the voluminous side sills. In addition they gave the clear-puritan design of the basic bodywork interesting new highlights:  a pert rear, formed by the Lorinser rear apron with the diffuser set and a dynamic roof spoiler. Sports suspension with adequate lowering guarantees that the limousine takes the corners every time. Attractive light-alloy wheels suit them well, which Lorinser offers in timelessly classic and modern designs.

With regards to the sound, the Lorinser E-class already showed its highly-addictive potential at its first public appearances. This is no wonder as four sonorous exhaust pipes set off acoustic fireworks as soon as you put your foot down. And last but not least this should ensure that the Lorinser E-class limousine’s appearance is one to remember. www.lorinser.com

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