2010 Noble M600


(from Noble Automotive)  Perfection is a road, not a destination.

The 650bhp Noble M600, for those who love to drive. Designed and engineered with a purity that rewards driver skill, the M600 neither dictates or hinders with unnecessary computer assistance. The Noble M600 puts you back in the drivers seat.

The ethos of the M600 has developed from a small team passionate about driving. This ethos has evolved from our research of the available 'supercars' many of which lean heavily on computer assistance. The use of fashionable, but often inefficient paddle shifts, over assisted brakes and inopportune traction control have all become standard features of the modern supercar.

We at Noble think it is time to break the mould, feeling that this now ubiquitous 'digital' driver assistance disengages the driver experience and reward. We have often encountered, when turning off these devices, that computer generated support can often cosmetically mask and flatter inferior chassis and handling characteristics. We decided that with the introduction of the M600, it was time to 'get back to basics', to concentrate on the more 'analogue' qualities of design utilising a principle of pure engineering integrity from the chassis up, putting you, the driver, back in control.

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