2010 Porsche Cayenne Jeremie Paret Balrog


(from Jeremie Paret Press Release)  JEREMIE PARET BALROG

The Balrog is an aggressive and punchy wide bodykit with a touch of elegance. After 8 months of research to give to his customers the best quality, Jeremie Paret is proud to introduce it to the world. The Balrog includes a front bumper with genuine Cayenne Turbo side lights and fog lights with angel eyes. This bumper improves the cooling of all intercoolers of the Cayenne, and the cooling of the front brakes. Moreover, the drilled luxury grill offers an innovative design in automotive styling. Of course, all Porsche options, like the xenon nozzles or the parking detectors, can be mounted on the Balrog
bodykit. The wide fenders allow the Balrog to fit very large wheels for an improved handling and an uncompromised style with big lips. At the rear of the car, the spoiler and its diffuser give you more aerodynamic pressure. The diffuser can be removed in only a few minutes to let you install your tow hook. At last, the side skirts finish to give to the Balrog its so different and eye-catching look

Of course, this bodykit can easily take place in Paret’s individual program and be completed by a custom interior, an engine tuning, new wheels, etc.

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