2010 RDSport BMW M3 RS46


(from RDSport Press Release)  Over 25 years of experience in building the most performing motors for BMW are the legacy that RDSport infused in its latest M3 program.

RDSport’s range of performance parts is as exclusive as it gets, and will allow you to custom build your M3 to match your preferred driving style.

All of RDSport’s products are engineered to work together, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility or fitting. We engineer and design it all in-house; therefore we can stand behind our products 100%. If that is not enough, we have many of our products tested by the German TüV, so you can rest assured that we have done our homework beforehand, and you are getting a product that is approved for use on the M3 by the same authority that certifies the car in the first place.

It has always been BMW's trademark to produce the best, most sophisticated, naturally aspirated motors in the world, and these power plants have been winning Engine of the Year awards for the longest time.

At RDSport we have always believed that our engines should match the configuration of the BMW motor that we set out to modify, as this is the only way to retain the true character of the car, and provide a product that matches the reliability of the original motor.

The RS46 is truly the motor that BMW should have installed in the M3 in the first place: massive torque, blistering acceleration, and performance that puts many sports cars to shame.

Its engine internals are made from the highest quality materials, and could easily withstand the rigors of Formula One. In fact, if you were to compare the piston of an RS46 to that of an F1 motor of only a few seasons past, you would notice how close the two really are.

New engine internals include larger, forged, light-weight, aluminum pistons, forged, billet connecting rods and new billet crankshaft with a longer stroke. All of these parts equate to a larger displacement 4.6 liter motor, up from the factory 4.0 liter.

Also included in the build is a complete exhaust including; race, tubular headers with F1-style merge collectors, metal-matrix, sport, catalytic converters, X-Flow downpipe and sport silencers all built from stainless steel. Options for the motor include carbon air box, larger-displacement, carbon plenum chamber, power pulley, lightweight clutch and flywheel. The result is an amazing 524 bhp and an increase of 115 ft-lbs of torque over stock!

The RDSport front bumper is available in Stradale (Street - shown) or Corsa (Race) versions. Each is a complete bumper replacement made of carbon/Kevlar and contains larger ducting for brake and engine cooling.

The RDSport rear bumper features a carbon fiber/meshed diffuser section that allows for more weight saving and gives the aggressive rear that the RS46 deserves. The unit is a full replacement fascia of the original. Again to match the front and save weight the piece is constructed entirely carbon/Kevlar mat, which is extremely light and impact resistant. RDSport aero parts can also be fitted with the factory PDC sensors.

Also available are trunk and roof spoilers to smooth the airflow leaving the vehicle and aid in stability.
The RS46 is equipped with the RDSport Chassis kit consisting of specially valved Bilstein shocks and RDSport Springs. The set up leaves the vehicle with a 30 mm drop in the front and 25 mm lower in the rear. The shocks and springs are designed to work together beautifully and provide an extremely stable ride without any harshness. This optimized set-up was made available only after thousands of testing and development miles.

The RDSport RS Brake System consists of 6-piston, aluminum monoblock calipers on the front and 4-piston monoblock calipers in the rear. Customers have the option of ordering either cross-drilled or slotted rotors.

The RS2 Forged is the most classic and recognizable Racing Dynamics wheel design and it represents the latest iteration of a line of wheels that started back in 1986 with the first HSM wheel.

The center flange is machined out of a heat-treated 6061-T6 forging. Each one goes through 6 different machining operations totaling no less than 8 hours on our CNC equipment. The result is a stunning sculpture of incredible strength and lightness, with design details that are unique to this product and cannot be found on any other forged wheel in the market today. Due to the custom build of each wheel there is an endless selection of color options and finishes.

Optionally, RDSport offers the RC8 Forged Monobloc wheel that offers the ultimate in light weight performance. RDSport recommends Pirelli tires.

Several interior options are available from a simple shift knob or pedal set to a complete Alcantara interior conversion.

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