2010 Scion xB All Stretched Out by Cartel


(from Scion Press Release)  Inspiration of project "All Stretched Out" came from the whole VIP buzz.  Each time Jeremy starts a project from start to finish, he knows one major factor that never lets him down - design changes on a daily basis.   With that said, Jeremy believes what one envisions in his or her mind sometimes just doesn't look right and you have to move onto plan B.  So what he does is take all these crazy ideas and apply them to what he likes to call the DB (Design Bank) waiting to cash out on it with the next project.

Major highlights that make this build unique is that it's a new twist of a custom LMO design.  Jeremy's builds always focus on maximum brand visibility.  It's been stretched 48" with an 80" dual suicide door entry.  This style build makes for a great display car for interaction with its consumers and end users. 

2010 Cartel Build Team:  Jeremy Lookofsky (Carel King), Dominick Vitelli (Quality Coach), Josh Villepigue & Pauly Riviera.

  AEM Air Intake

  • TRD Strut Bar
      Cartel Straight Exhaust
      STRUP Performance Header
      ACT Clutch
      Torco Oils


  • Cartel Custom Air Bag Setup
    Rear Factory Suspension Points Re Engineered & Located
    20 x 8.5 Demoda Aviator Wheels
    TOYO Proxes 4 235/30/20

      48" Quality Coachworks Stretch
      One Piece Passenger Side Panel
      Suicide Passenger Door Entry
      Custom Metal Fabrication Interior & Exterior Panels
      Onyx Black Base Pain with Red Two Tone Top & Hand Laid Pinstripes
      Custom Glass Windows Threw Out
      5 Axis Stretched & Modified Side Skirt Rocker Panels

      Quality Coach Black Leater J Couch, Leather & Suede Cartel Door Panels, Audio & Misc Trim
      Cartel Customs Audio Enclosures, Door Panels & TV Partition Wall
      Custom Flowing Acrylic Headliner & Touch Panel Lights
      Quality Coach Custom Bar
      Razo Scion Optimized Shift Knob

  • Serious Wheels