2010 speedART PS9-650 Panamera Turbo


(from speedART Press Release)  "In the beginning it was just one thought"

The idea: to generate and design individuality in combination with performance. In a branche
where is no space for mistakes to set up a product and a brand which has never been there before.

The purposes: from the beginning clearly defined!   Exclusivity, precision and quality. Every
vehicle is a hand crafted masterpiece with character.  Since the foundation in 1999, speedART has pursued a logical strategy of growth and progress. By a narrow collaboration with our developing partners from the most different technology regions in Germany and worldwide, the combination of traditional craftsmanship and the modern production procedure is also assured for the future.

Results? Our biggest success is if you express the enthusiasm for your car with a smile.

Everything that counts: perfect evolution! To go a step further without loosing the aims out of sight. That is our task.

The design of the so called “PS9 - 650” (Panamera Speed with 650hp) was completely designed in CAD which guarantees a perfect quality and finish of the parts and also a harmonic look of the whole car.

The target was to create a sportive look without disturbing the proportions and to reduce and optimize the CW-values. Especially the rear has become more sportive because of the new speedART lining. An improved downforce prepares this sportive limousine with the speedART powerkit for every operational area.

The concept of the two-tone painting is reflecting in the area of the rear diffuser, side skirts, rear wing and front chin spoiler and creates a whole new look of the car in the lower sections.

Many exterior carbon aplications in black matt like the mirror housings, front fender air outlets, rear border trim and the air outlet of the engine hood have been installed.

Also components of real red carbon have been installed in the interior and engine area. Together with the red stitching, red safety belts, red instrument dials and the alloy pedal set, those parts generate a harmonic atmosphere of high class luxury and convincing sportiness.

The 365mm Airbag sport steering wheel with F1-shift paddles feels ergonomic and also provides
a shifting procedure like in Formula 1.

In case of the power speedART has made as usual a balanced package between sportiness, agility, performance and daily driving usability.

The first test have shown good results and speedART will push the development further.

Powerkits from 520hp up to 650hp and 890Nm torque with modified turbochargers, sport-catalysts,
sport-exhaust system with sound control and Design tailpipes are particularly available or in preparation. The acceleration of the 650hp version is 3.5s from 0-62 mph and has a V-max about 202 mph.

The sport-exhaust system has a modular design which allows to modify it step by step - just sound or additional power.


From 62 to 0 mph faster than from 0 to 62 mph.

To secure safety by power improved vehicles, it is necessary to adapt the brakes the engine power. Like the suspension, the brakes also can be improved in different ways.

Sport brake systems up to race brake systems made of ceramic component material. We can offer different opportunties and the right setup for your requirements. To get an maximum in brake performance all components like suspension, wheels and tires have to be attuned well. Different motorsport and hightech materials are taking place in here.

Together with our technology and developing partner we are trying to improve the different systems and technics in security, reliability, performance and driving pleasure.


Power increase based on the newest standards of technics and on top of the happening.

Power in every situation, is brought to the PS9-650.

All components like gearbox, clutch and engine are so attuned that at every time the maximum power is available. In cooperation with aerodynamic, suspension, wheels, tires and brakes it creates an amazing value of driving dynamic.

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