2010 Sportec Porsche SPR1R


(from Sportec Press Release)  Sportec SPR1 R: Rumble in the Super Sportscar Jungle

Standing still means moving backwards – and that is why it is tradition in the Sportec company to try and make perfection just that bit better. For this reason the 2010 SPR1 R now not only has a traction enhancing four-wheel drive but also several other extras suitable for a race track. Each wheel drive on the SPR1 R can produce 214.5 PS.

That equates to a not unsporty Golf GTI motorization per wheel and a total performance of a fantastic 858 PS.

The high revolution 3.6 litre flat twin engine with biturbo charge was in addition equipped with a Smooth Flow air intake with two fuel injection ducts per combustion chamber, titan connection rods, a valved exhaust system, a infinitely variable cam shaft, a carbon Ram Air intake system, a high performance charge-air cooler and two hybrid turbo chargers.

Each separate part of the motor electronics is calibrated on Sportec’s four-wheel drive engine test bench to the latest conditions. The results of this precision work on the SPR1 R make a top performance of 858 Ps at 8,200/min along with a gigantic torque of 880 NM possible – and that by just 4,800 revs.

With an optimised start-up high performance clutch, the new four-wheel drive and a limited slip differential the record-breaking performance is ideally brought onto the tarmac. A traction and launch control that can be individually adjusted by means of an “STS” touchscreen unit in the centre console ensures an optimum start.

Thus equipped the R-model achieves acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3 seconds. The 200 km/h mark is reached by the motorised understatement in just 8.3 seconds and the 300 km/h limit in 18 seconds.


Only on the far side of 380 km/h does the driving resistance put an end to the SPR1 R’s speed high. For the racing track the vehicle was made a further 50 kg lighter than the M version. In addition the touchscreen unit can be used as a data logger. It registers diverse telemetric date, shows lap speeds and provides information on all important engine values. A combination of Unibal mounted front and rear axles with an active suspension calibrated for race tracks keeps the SPR1 R on course at all achievable speeds. A further modified braking system ensures appropriate negative acceleration – at any speed.

The trimmed down functional chassis is pleasantly discrete for a vehicle of this class. Although the power and sportiness of SPR1 R is evident the overall impression still gives the impression of the understatement so desired by a daily driver. True to the Sportec company’s motto “more substance, less style!” Simply a breathtaking consummate vehicle.

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