2010 TechArt Porsche 911 Turbo Aerodynamic Kit II


(from TechArt Press Release)  TECHART Aerodynamic Kit II for Porsche 911 Turbo

There is nothing more unique as the human personality. The TECHART customers stand out due to their extraordinary characters. However, there is one characteristic trait they have all in common – the desire for individuality and perfection. Besides the elegant and more discreet Aerodynamic Kit I, TECHART offers a second exterior package for the Porsche 911 Turbo which presents the sporty and masculine features of the car. The TECHART Aerodynamic Kit II combines dynamic, functionality and aesthetics into a unique personality that is just as individual and extraordinary as the TECHART customer.

The sporty appearance of the TECHART Aerodynamic Kit II is distinctive. Its incredible strength, equipped with the TECHART engine package TA 097/T1 or TA 097/T2 and an extra boost of 70 respectively 120 hp compared to the series model, impresses without driving the car one meter. The powerful front spoiler and the aerodynamic side skirts, which emphasise the stretched side line of the car, land the 911 Turbo the typical TECHART dynamism.

The TECHART exterior packages lend the car not only an unmistakable look, but also have a functional intention: to give the car the best possible aerodynamics. Aesthetics, functionality and the highest quality are inseparable components for TECHART. The unique front and rear aprons of the TECHART Aerodynamic Kit II optimize the airflow which results in an improved supply of cooling air to the radiators and intercoolers as well as to the front and rear brakes. In combination with the rear spoiler II, it reduces the aerodynamic lift at the front and creates increased downforce on the rear axle.

TECHART's multifunctional daytime running light system is available for the front spoiler II. It combines daytime running lamps, position light, parking light and direction indicators in one LED system unit and a common housing. It therefore integrates seamlessly with the exterior design. The display brightness of the daytime running lights automatically adjusts to the selected driving light. Furthermore, the TECHART daytime running light system, with E-approval and fulfilled ECE R87 regulations, dims automatically when either of the turning signals is active, in order to improve their visibility.

And even where functional quality is invisible to the outward appearance, it is an inherent part. All parts of the TECHART Aerodynamic Kit II for the Porsche 911 Turbo are made from high-grade materials such as lightweight carbon fiber and hard-wearing polyurethane-RIM. Quality and functionality in every detail – typical TECHART.

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