2010 TopCar Bentley Continental GT Bullet


(from TopCar Press Release)  A new product of TopCar Company - Bentley Continental GT Bullet

This package fits both Continental GT and Continental GT Speed due to the Bentley’s Continental GT Speed radiator grille included into the body kit.

The complete kit consists of:

- Bonnet with additional air intakes
- Radiator grille GT Speed
- Front bumper with set LED daytime lights
- Front bumper lip
- Tinted front and rear lights
- Two composite side skirts with additional air inlets
- Rear bumper and diffuser
- Rear wing
- Exhaust tips
- Black window frames and lower side moldings

We also offer carbon-fiber car parts.

Soon the body kit package will include an additional option – front fenders with air intakes. It is shown on the white car.
The price for the whole package with forged wheels (GT Speed) R-20 amounts to 25.000 EUR.
The whole package with carbon-fiber car parts included forged wheels (GT Speed) R-20 costs 30.000 EUR.
The forged wheel and tire packages (GT Speed) R-20 cost 6.500 EUR.
The price for the body kit with new front fenders with air intakes will climb 5.000 EUR higher.

More information available at (Russian) TopCar.ru

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