2010 Vilner Mini One Cabriolet

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The first car built by Vilner China is this refreshed 2010 Mini with an elaborate interior that includes components covered in pure gold. The latter finds its way onto various buttons and controls, as well as the roll bars. Purple leather and blue alcantara with white piping are also used heavily throughout the interior. Perhaps the most striking feature are the 25 layers of laquer and flake coating used on the hard surfaces of the dash.

The exterior features painted white wheels and white body with blue front wheel arches.


(from Vilner Press Release) The most eccentric MINI in the Universe. It's made by Vilner

How eccentric One MINI could be? The newly opened Art Studio Vilner – China answers that question with one of the first cars made in Beijing.

“Modesty” and “discreteness” are the words that are definitely not in place, when we speak for the lady that commissioned this project. The young actress Tyan Lynn moved to Beijing in 2011, together with her beloved MINI One Cabrio R57. Lynn also bought a brand new JCW F56, but nevertheless she decided to give the old One some extensive 'Vilner' therapy.

The (not so) basic idea? The car to reflect her sensuality and her motto in life: "Success can be limitless, just like the Universe". “A colorful person which expresses itself with every item or pieces of clothing”, that's her description of herself. This R57 is a very bright example of the extrovert self-consciousness of the first Vilner China customer. Discrete as a firework.

The interior received elements of pure gold, like the hand crafted icons on the buttons under the speedometer, some of the controls and the console in front of the gearshift lever. The latter has also received gold plating just like the roll-bars behind the heads of the rear occupants. Lynn insisted for all the cutting and graving of the icons to be done by hand.

There was other special requirement too - the car should represent Lynn's 'Universe'. Job done. By putting some 25 special layers of coating and lacquer over the plastic dash elements. Some buttons are now finished with flowing pant effect.

The main colors for the leather and Alcantara are also a product of Lynn's eccentricity. The purple is a representation of the "sweetness of life", while blue stands for the vastness of the human soul. White has been used for the stitching and the seat belts. The last color makes the connection with the outer shell, something that is much more important when the car is topless.

Outside? More modest approach. White wheels and asymmetric decision for the wheel arches. They are painted in the body color at the back, while the front ones are covered in blue. The final result? You can see it for yourself. Arguably One of the most extrovert(ic) MINI Cabrios ever made.

2010 MINI One Cabrio, 1598 cc, 90 hp, 140 Nm, 6 sp. auto, FWD, 1205 kg

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