2010 Vizualtech 33-34 Bomber Style Rod Design


(from Vizualtech Press Release)  This is a idea I had for some time.

I wanted to create a long looking, comfortable, good handling Rod with a 33-34 as a take off, and if possible incorporate a panorama window in the design. Also wanted to make a new style using design elements from old planes (visible rivets, gas cap, intake etc)

the specs could be depending on direction:

-- either a tuned 350-400 HP jaguar 4,2 with hilborn looking electronic injection
-- or the easy way drop in a caddy CTS-V engine or a 2011 302 Ford.

5 or 6 speed manual with AC COBRA style shifter

SMITH INSTRUMENT in a modified 40 ford style dash.

Jaguar Center rear axle, knock off wheels.

19 and 17 narrow custom wheels.

Tubular formula style suspension (can be improved from my images) or a cast I-beam with riveted air wings in the back of axle.

60s Jaguar racing brakes

Classic style leather interior, with Manchester corduroy cloth in middle of seats.

Full belly pan with diffusor.

Big 4 bar wooden banjo steering wheel.

Lucas style headlights.

Serious Wheels