2011 Hyundai REMIX Music Veloster


(from Hyundai Press Release)  2012 HYUNDAI RE:MIX Music Veloster

The RE:MIX LAB is a national tour celebrating innovation in music, art, fashion, technology, gaming, culture and design.

Central to the message of innovation are three customized Hyundai Velosters designed by RIDES Magazine. The cars represent the passion points of music, technology and gaming.  Each car boasts its own style, top-of-the-line modifications and the most current gear available. Whether at a live event or youtube.com/veloster, Hyundai invites you to experience the RE:MIX LAB to demo state-of-the-art technology, world-class music performances, DJs, discussion panels, gallery shows and more.

The Music Veloster was customized by RIDES Magazine, ANTENNA Magazine & Lux Motorwerks.

Audio | Video | Electronics
Numark NS6 DJ Controller with Serato Itch
15-inch MacBook Pro Colored by Colorware
Three JL Audio HD Amps
Six 6.5-inch JL Audio Evolution ZR Component
Speakers with Tweeter
Two 5.25-inch JL Audio Coaxial Speakers
JL Audio CleanSweep
Two iPads
Customized Odyssey Laptop Mount
Pioneer HDJ-2000 Headphones Colored by Colorware
Fender FSR Stratocaster Guitar
Vox Stainless Amp
Monster Rock Guitar Cable
iRig Mobile Guitar Amp
iPhone 4S

BASF Matte Black Paint
Matte Black Headlights
Gloss Hyundai Logos & Trim
Smoked Taillights

Black Vinyl & Suede Dash & Door Panels
Red Leather Seats
Black Suede Headliner with Guitar Mount
Red Painted Trim
Red LED Lighting
Red Stitched Steering Wheel

Wheels & Tires
19-inch Privat Legende Wheels in Graphite
Falken FK452 Tires
- 235/35/19

Serious Wheels