2011 Kicherer Mercedes-Benz C63 T Supersport


(from Kicherer Press Release)  PREss RELEASE KICHERER – Mercedes-Benz C63 T Supersport

Men only!

It's every family man's dream: The KICHERER C63 T Supersport. Sports car power, sound and looks, combined with the practical benefits of a classic station wagon. What else could any man wish for?!

Even the basic Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is truly powerful. With its 457 HP and maximum torque of nearly 600 Nm, it is anything but underpowered. But of course we made it a little faster and better still. Even the AMG standard production is far from true perfection. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz refiner KICHERER now presents a new family member in the Supersport series: the C63 T.

550 PS & 640 Nm!

A few additional horses were added to its performance, taking the total HP to more than 550. The drive shafts also have to deal with a huge torque of 640 Nm. Together, they achieve a sprint to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds and a maximum speed of powered-down 320 km/h. These values are more than impressive! A sports air filter, as well as a stainless steel sports exhaust system with flap control including stainless steel manifold also contribute to the added power. An RS-line in-house thread sports chassis was installed for best driving behaviour. It offers not only the mandatory lowering but also clearly moves up the sports station wagon's threshold range. Four fine KICHERER RS-1 forged wheel rims in a 20 inch format maintain asphalt contact. The exclusive 3-part wheels hide a high-performance composite brake system that warrants decelerations at super sports car level.

Carbon rules!

The KICHERER C63 T Supersport also offers visual attractions galore. The Stockach tuners installed an aerodynamics package that comprises a front spoiler with carbon flaps, a side sill set with carbon enlargement, a carbon tail diffusor, carbon front grille and the highly popular carbon mirror shells. Together with the already quite widened body, they provide for a fine overall appearance that can hardly be outdone in matters of sportiveness. Even more: The engine bay received a specially developed motor cover with carbon inlays.

On request, the customer may also order an exclusive Nappa leather outfit for the interior for his C63 T Supersport. It includes the entire seat system with contrasting decorative seams and a set of piano varnish seat shells. The dashboard, door covers and the entire roof were covered in alcantara as well.

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