2011 Piecha Design Mercedes-Benz SLK Accurian RS


(from Piecha Design Press Release)  World premiere: New SLK "Piecha Accurian RS"

He is undoubtedly the absolute star of the new outdoor season. The new, third generation of the legendary SLK was long expected and is now available at Mercedes-Benz distributors, precisely to the beginning of the summer.

Obviously, it was a question of honour for the PIECHA Design specialists to develop as one of the first ones an entire styling and tuning programme for the new SLK R172. And thus, they present the "Accurian RS", a sporty, elegant interpretation of the Stuttgart-based roadster. Piecha gives the new, more defined front of the SLK an Accurian RS front spoiler lip with lateral grids. The lip can be combined with a cover, which turns the grid into a three-part piece and further emphasises the LED daytime running lights on the right and left side. For a quieter airflow around the lateral body of the new SLK, PIECHA Design installed a set of Accurian RS side skirt covers. The covers are bonded easily and positively on the original side skirts. Furthermore, the opposed installed grids provide for a more prominent design. For all R172 models, no matter whether with the side skirts, the AMG or also the Accurian RS sills, PIECHA Design offers per side four LED recessed spotlights each.

The rear end has a considerable sportier appearance thanks to the Accurian RS rear diffuser, which is available in a small and large version. The diffusor, which runs up to the subfloor, not only provides for additional output at the rear axle, but also frames the QUADRO 4-tube mufflers in perfection. In both versions, the serial rear apron has to be slightly reworked. Moreover, a diffusor application is available for the AMG styling rear apron. The Accurian RS aerodynamic programme is completed by a classical rear spoiler lip, which has a simple adhesive fixation. Another world premiere are the PIECHA MP1 monobloc high-tech rims, which perfectly match the modern and sporty, elegant design language of the Accurian RS with its newly interpreted turbine design. In the front in 8.5x19 ET25 with 225/35 R19 and in the back in optional 9.5 or 10.5x19 with 255 or 275/30 R19, the MP1 monobloc wheel provides in connection with 25 mm lowering springs for a perfect wedge shape.

Finally, the Mercedes specialists from Rottweiler offer practical comfort top control, which allows for an opening and closing of the top via the serial key up to a speed of 60 km/h.

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