2011 RENM BMW E92 M3 Agitator


(from RENM Press Release)  RENM BMW E92 M3 Agitator

RENM performance has released a visually striking performance upgrade for the BMW E92 M3 called the ĎAgitator’. According to most definitions, an agitator stirs up others in order to upset the status quo, or put more simply, is an apparatus that shakes or stirs. Based on both the appearance and performance improvements of the RENM Agitator, the transformation achieves the desired effect.

The E92 M3 is a capable performer in standard form, however its performance is compromised by restrictive OEM components. The Agitator package transforms the E92 M3’s performance with vastly improved driving dynamics. The tuning program consists of an ECU re-calibration, inconel high-performance exhaust, carbon fiber air-intake, sports air filters and adjustable ride height/dampening suspension.

Power has been raised from 420PS/309KW/400NM to 450PS/331KW/440NM. RENM states that peak power was not the main objective, focusing instead to distribute a more linear and usable spread of power across the entire power band, particularly the lower to mid-range, where the engine lacks responsive in standard form.

The M3 Agitator uses inconel Formula 1 exhaust technology, which is exceptional in terms of its extreme stability and heat resistance. The rear silencer is also twelve kilograms lighter, a 40% weight-reduction over the production model, and incorporates internal design that increases performance significantly.

The visual and dynamic improvements to the M3 Agitator include customised T6 forged 3 piece wheels, adjustable coilover suspension, hallmark-designed 76mm diameter tail pipes, aero carbon fiber front spoiler, boot lid and rear diffuser.

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