2011 Rinspeed BamBoo Concept


(from Rinspeed Press Release)  Rinspeed Presents the Sun&Fun Car Filled with Clever Ideas at the Geneva Motor Show:

“BamBoo” - A Taste of this Summer!

Open Speedster for the Extroverted Communicator - Seamless High-Tech, Purism and Lifestyle.

This car irritates. Could be that it’s the ingenious crafted creations of world-renowned New York pop artist James Rizzi. In any case, Frank M. Rinderknecht‘s latest work “BamBoo” lets the sun rise over the over-engineered metal creatures at the Geneva Motor Show, whose single purpose is to never touch anything other than black asphalt. Yes, this is a taste of summer. A taste of beach and sand, of the lightness and lightheartedness of southern latitudes. It is a reminiscence of the Seventies, of the south of France, of St. Tropez. Its colors range from salmon to lobster and yellow, shimmering in the sunlight, staged perfectly by color- and adhesive-repair-specialist (“StickerFix”) AkzoNobel. And one would expect to find Brigitte Bardot behind the wheel with playboy Gunther Sachs at her side heading towards Tahiti beach. But at the same time this car points to the future with clever innovations such as a communication display in place of a radiator grille and an inflatable roof that also serves as a beach blanket. Yes, this sun & fun car will blow the roof off!

Anyone who might think that this is simple retro design underestimates the boss of the Swiss concept powerhouse. He reinterprets the automotive references of days gone by and evolves them into the future. He plays with man’s yearning to get back to the roots, often paired with the desire to be in harmony with creation. That makes electric drive, also for the onboard foldable two wheeler for the last “mile”, a must. More than just about anyone the Rinspeed boss knows how to play on strong emotions and dreams beyond the macho horsepower affectation. This is the fundamental reason why Rinderknecht is considered an automotive visionary by many.

The latest creation from Rinderknecht - jointly developed and built by Swiss engineering firms 4erC and Esoro – resembles a grown-up golf cart at first glance. But one that offers a firework of innovation and design. This successful combination is most evident in the canopy-like inflatable roof developed by Swiss company Tecnotex. It is covered with water-resistant „Skai Neptun Caleri“ with nano coating supplied by the Hornschuch Company. It protects the interior against possible morning dew. Nothing but air lends the two-piece waterproof design its rigidity. While the outside of the roof is decorated by a giant Rizzi beach scene, the inside is refined by visionary spinning mill Schoeller from Bregenz with thread made from genuine bamboo. No doubt, anyone going to the beach with this mattress will easily outshine any folding convertible roof, no matter how elegant and will instantly be in conversation with their beach chair neighbors.

In any case, “Bamboo” is the fitting sun & fun car for the extroverted communicator. Personal messages for the people in the vicinity of the car are displayed on the innovative “Identiface.” This screen-based section, developed by Daimler subsidiary MBtech in Stuttgart, replaces the radiator grille, which is mostly redundant on an electric vehicle anyways. Thanks to its Internet connectivity “Identiface” can display the occupants’ Facebook pages, news from around the world, the manufacturer’s logo or an offer for a ride from A to B. Engineering service provider Helveting with support from Zurich Versicherung custom-developed the “BamBoo-Community” platform. This platform also offers additional practical features centered on social networking, sustainability and optimal driving behavior. In combination with the famous color-changing “Rizzi bird“ on the rollover bar (green = I am single; blue = I am in party mood; orange = I need a break) it creates an entirely new automotive form of communication beyond deafening noise attacks. “Rizzi bird“ instead of flipping the bird.

Simple but highly refined is the interior of the “BamBoo.” It’s all in a name: The sides of the Bordeaux-red bench are decorated with the “BamBoo“ logo and the “Rizzi bird,” artfully woven with bamboo thread by Zurich weaver Weisbrod. The center seating surfaces are decorated with Rizzi drawings, and are made from breathable high performance synthetik „Laif“ material. And both rear seats are inflatable and stored in two aluminum cases on the open cargo bed. You guessed it – they too can be taken to the beach.

The puristic dashboard is in the shape of a giant breadbox - and the fine cover made from braided plastics supplied by polymer manufacturer Ticona - opens in breadbox fashion to reveal the control elements and the futuristic VDO display. The far right of the glove box houses a seven-inch HTC tablet PC “Flyer” with docking station. In keeping with the times the tablet PC and the occupants’ smartphones guarantee that the “BamBoo” and its passengers are always connected everywhere. The elongated "bread bin" is flanked by Harman JBL GreenEdge speakers in an avant-garde design. The world's leading provider of premium sound and infotainment systems is focusing on connectivity with its scalable entertainment system and the “Aha Radio” application. And in the center thrones the vent of the electric high-voltage heater from German supplier Eberspächer catem. By the way the “BamBoo” is started with an army knife. Typically Swiss.

With all this nicely packaged lifestyle the underlying technical specifications of the “BamBoo” are easily overlooked: The four four-seater features an electric motor from the German Fräger Group (German e-Cars) with 54 kW of power. This high-torque motor “made in Germany” accelerates the 1,090-kilogram vehicle to a top speed of 120 km/h. Lightweight construction does its part: The steel chassis with horizontal shock absorbers carries a sturdy composite body combined with the use of polymer plastic materials. Henkel supplies the structural foams as well as sealants and adhesives. The entire thing sits on 17” AEZ three-spoke billet aluminum wheels with painted inserts and eco-friendly Goodyear “EfficientGrip” energy-saving tires in 17”. And the operating rangeogon; The battery’s capacity is enough for 105 kilometers – plenty for a fun car for short-distance traffic between hotel, beach and restaurant visits in the evenings. Speaking of range: Rinderknecht has also partnered with energy giant RWE, whose “intelligent” charging station demonstrates how an innovative infrastructure specialist tackles the issue of e-mobility. The advanced charger communicates with the car across all borders.

And what effect will “BamBoo” have in Genevaogon; “BamBoo” will push the reset button in the head of the observer, clearing the mind for a new way of automotive thinking. It exhibits simple, crisp lines; nothing is redundant – aesthetics in their purest form. Close your eyes and you’ll find yourself cruising through pine forests and lavender fields in your mind. The little car was made for the beautiful beaches and vacation spots of this planet, making the “BamBoo” sort of a world car. No wonder that bustling Frank M. Rinderknecht wants to seize this chance as figurehead of Swiss watch manufacturer C.F. Bucherer and thinks aloud about a series production. Rinderknecht will only say this: “Yes, there have been constructive talks for some time with a number of potential manufacturers.” To be on the safe side, the Düsseldorf consulting firm A.T. Kearney already has manufacturing and company concepts for a series production in the drawer.

At the Geneva Motor Show even visions have to be communicated visually in top quality with HD displays and Blu-ray players from Sharp and advertising support from “Die Agentur” based in Germany’s federal state of Saarland.

The partners have a say:

Swiss Made.

4erC GmbH - the new company of Peter Kägi - www.4erc.ch

Creative - Clean - Car - Concepts with the main focus of: project management, conception, packaging, light-weight and fiber composites.

Light, young, playful and without the claim to be an everyday’s car, that is the way the “BamBoo” was conceived. Its appearance reflects the joy of life of St. Tropez, the South. Life is not only about power and luxury, but most important about enjoying life at it’s fullest. In his career of more than twenty years as the project manager and one of the executives at Esoro AG, Peter Kägi has developed also very expensive and exclusive automobiles with the “St. Tropez feeling”. But the BamBoo is different, more joyful and pure.

Since 1999 Peter Kägi is the technical head of the concept car projects of Rinspeed. He is linked to Frank M. Rinderknecht by many creative sessions, by many solutions to be found, but also by many positive experiences in that period. He is working with electric cars since 1986, the range varies from very few kilowatt to far beyond 500 kilowatt.

The consulting and engineering company 4erC stands for widely spread activities with an emphasis at this time for consulting work in cleantech projects for an OEM and the industry.

ESORO - www.esoro.ch

Frank M. Rinderknecht used highly advanced technology and a Swiss-based network of top automotive specialists for his project. So the Rinspeed “BamBoo” fits perfectly to ESORO’s motto: engineered by ESORO - what you dream is what you get.

For the twelfth subsequent time the Swiss cleantech engineering company ESORO was hired to serve as general contractor for the Rinspeed’s annual conceptcar project. ESORO was responsible for co-project management, implementation of new technologies, engineering, rendering, design and manufacturing of the Rinspeed “BamBoo”. Starting with the concept, it took the highly skilled development team just four months to realize the entire project.

ESORO has now 20 years experience as engineering partner for concept vehicles, components and products with main focus on lightweight construction, alternative drivetrains and mobility. During this time ESORO has gained a well-deserved reputation for excellent efficiency and innovative solutions, which is demonstrated by numerous prototypes and serial products.

Since 1990 ESORO has been working intensively in the field of conception, implementation and tests of clean car concepts and drive systems. ESORO is thus one of the few companies in the world with well-founded experience in development and operation of electric, plug-in-hybrid and fuel cell drives. These activities are our core competence. ESORO therefore realizes EV projects for OEM’s starting with the initial conception and the prototype up to the serial project phase.

ESORO is also developing fiber reinforced components from initial conception up to pre-production samples. In-house specialists optimize the component properties and characteristics throughout the entire development process. Important steps are non-linear, orthotropic Finite Element Analysis and crash simulation.

Another recent development from ESORO is the new E-LFT production technology developed for Weber Automotive. E-LFT makes large scale production of high-strength and lightweight composite parts affordable. E-LFT composite parts weigh more than 30 percent less than comparable steel parts. For the development of the smart fortwo tailgate, which now has been produced 500’000 times with the E-LFT process, ESORO received the highly recognized JEC Innovation Automotive Award 2008.

AEZ - Wheels are the interface between past, present and future - www.aez-wheels.com

The wheel is regarded as the first "logical invention" of our civilization and is geometrically tightly defined in its circular shape. Its development has continued up to this day, and will keep on moving people in the future, because it is a central element of almost every mobility concept. With its environmentally friendly and lifestyle icon "BamBoo", the Swiss design and engineering company Rinspeed have drawn upon the inspirations and products of AEZ, the German wheels professionals, for the fifth time now. Both companies are driven by the same enthusiasm, combining proven technology with astute, sustainable and far-sighted innovations, and have been working perfectly together for many years.

AEZ specially created the unique rims for the buggy, which will be first presented at Geneva in March 2011. The attractive, 17-inch rims perfectly capture the optical design elements of the "BamBoo". With their two-tone paintwork, they reflect the theme of 'BamBoo' in an optical sense, featuring further retro elements such as the central section, which recalls a drum brake with cooling ribs. The puristic shape, limited to three spokes, serves as a futuristic antithesis. A successful balancing act, which also applies throughout the whole vehicle. The alloy wheels are more than just an eyecatcher however: They are a decisive factor in issue of lightweight functionality, because a minimal weight is vital for electric vehicles, if their road performance and operating range are to achieve practical results. In order to compensate for the negative dynamic influences of heavy batteries, it is also recommended that the unsprung masses are kept as low as possible. Meaning that the discovery of the wheel will be well prepared to keep humanity on the move in the future too. AEZ customers profit very tangibly from the developments for Rinspeed because these do not remain technical finger exercises for the engineers, but almost all of them have been adopted into series production. We are looking forward to ensuring that the alloy wheel's technology can grow in the future, together with Rinspeed's innovation and ideas.

AkzoNobel’s stickerfix™ joins Rinspeed at Geneva Motor Show - www.akzonobel.com/aac

For the second year in a row, AkzoNobel Automotive & Aerospace Coatings (A&AC) will be at the Geneva Motor Show exhibiting stickerfix™, the smart do-it-yourself solution for minor paint damage. And for the second year in a row, it will be teaming up with Rinspeed, the Swiss concept car creator, which celebrates its 33rd anniversary with the unveiling of a lifestyle concept car called the “BamBoo”.

stickerfix™ is an ultra-thin high-tech adhesive film coated with a perfect match of the original car color, using high-quality automotive paint just like the original. Not only is it the only DIY solution that uses the original paint for a perfect match, but it also offers unrivalled ease of use. All that is required to complete the repair is to clean the damaged area, apply the sticker, and smooth it down. The damage vanishes, with no need for brushes, spray cans, or hit-or-miss touch-up pens.

A&AC will be sharing a stand in Geneva with Rinspeed. As usual, Rinspeed founder Frank M. Rinderknecht has come up with something highly unusual: a tiny electric-powered car that is part dune buggy, part oversized golf cart, and part urban mini-car. The BamBoo is an open-topped four-seater that evokes memories of the seventies and images of a seaside resort. A&AC provided the innovative colors and integrated stickerfix™ into the design to offer protective properties to the vulnerable sections of the car such as door edges. “AkzoNobel and Rinspeed have an outstanding reputation for innovation – together we make a pretty formidable team”, says Phil Coady, A&AC Marketing Director for the EMEA region.

AkzoNobel Automotive & Aerospace Coatings is one of the world's leading suppliers of paints and services for car repair, commercial vehicles, automotive plastics and aerospace coatings markets. It sells coatings for original equipment and refinishing applications to bodyshops, aircraft manufacturers, fleet owners, automotive suppliers and major bus and truck producers. Brands include Sikkens®, Lesonal®, Dynacoat®, Wanda®, and Sikkens Autocoat® BT. Operating in more than 60 countries, Automotive & Aerospace Coatings has specialists around the world who understand local markets and can serve local needs. Its state-of-the-art customer services, color and technology solutions include offering technical and logistical support and the delivery of training programs.

A.T. Kearney - Automotive Lifestyle Company - Modular Business Model for the "BamBoo" - www.atkearney.com

With its "BamBoo", Frank Rinspeed is presenting a further innovative and trendsetting automotive concept at this year's Geneva International Motor Show. Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder and CEO of the Swiss-based company, has collaborated closely with management consultancy A.T. Kearney on the development of guidelines for a modular business model for the market launch of the BamBoo – the "Automotive Lifestyle Company".

St. Tropez, Miami, Sao Paulo: the business model and the marketing concept must be flexible enough to match the individual lifestyles of customer groups in these sun-drenched locations with their hugely diverse citizens and surroundings. Accordingly, the Automotive Lifestyle Company Rinspeed has opted for a modular business model for the production of attractive vehicles with affordable prices, high functional value and appealing feature packages for each region – coupled with marketing concepts tailored to the needs of specific customer groups.

The business concept complements the BamBoo's product concept, which unites light construction methods with compact, fuel-efficient drive systems. The key to market success in the different international markets is the development of flexible packages of features and functions. The BamBoo will therefore be marketed initially as a leisure vehicle only. In the course of its lifecycle the range of models will be expanded with the addition of the "BamBoo Buggy" and the "BamBoo Pickup".

The Operations Division of the Automotive Lifestyle Company, which is responsible for the development, production and marketing of the modular lifestyle vehicle and is interested in recruiting licensing partners, is likewise based on the principle of modularity. Individual value creation stages can be licensed and taken over by other partners in the network – not only for the development of vehicle versions for specific regional and customer groups but also for actual production. This results in a unique network which is open for different cooperation and licensing models:

  • Option: Development and production partnership
  • Option: Development and branding partnership
  • Option: Sales and marketing partnership

    With the Automotive Lifestyle Company, A.T. Kearney and Frank Rinderknecht are demonstrating how modular corporate concepts will be gaining an ever stronger foothold in the automotive industry in the future and how they have already become well established in other lifestyle industries, such as entertainment electronics and the world of fashion. The BamBoo is a pacesetting product concept and thanks to the modular business model it has the necessary flexibility to ensure the market success of tailormade product variants in the different target regions.

    Passion and a Joie de Vivre - Carl F. Bucherer sponsors “BamBoo” Concept Car by Rinspeed - www.carl-f-bucherer.com

    After equipping the “UCogon;” electric car with the company’s own Manufacture movement M1000, Carl F. Bucherer is also supporting Rinspeed’s latest project. The “BamBoo” electric car represents unusual character and innovative design.

    Over thirty years ago, Frank M. Rinderknecht set himself the objective of letting boyhood dreams come true and to provide the answer to the vision of the ultimate motorcar with his own cult cars. Meanwhile, Rinspeed distinguishes itself with the production of Concept Cars and small series. Also with its newest creation, it has succeeded in capturing and realizing an individual life experience: The “BamBoo” Concept Car presents itself as a technical, modern, fresh interpretation of cult retro design.

    Common Philosophy: Concept Cars, which Frank M. Rinderknecht is developing at Rinspeed, give a new interpretation to mobility. They are the work of a man, who is unhurriedly and constantly going his own way. Just as Carl F. Bucherer, founder of the Lucerne watch brand, used to. Moreover, the “BamBoo” stands for joie de vivre, unusual character and passion – as do the watches from Carl F. Bucherer. However, even more conclusive is the shared philosophy of compressing demanding technology, top-class materials and surprising forms into an innovative, progressive and conceptually convincing composition.

    Innovative Holiday Companion: The “BamBoo”, resembling a beach buggy, will be presented for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show from 3 to 13 March. With its pure electric drive and homage to the seventies, it expresses not only a longing for the natural, but also arouses a cool joie de vivre. The various materials inside the four-seater are made from BamBoo fibers and the powerful, orange, sparkling, futuristic, striking upholstery contrasts refreshingly with the inflatable soft top. This, in turn, is adorned with a hand-painted beach scene, designed by New York pop artist James Rizzi. Like the Carl F. Bucherer timekeepers, the “BamBoo” embodies a harmonious interplay between clear and pure shapes, gratifying one’s gaze with the essentials.

    Aesthetics in their purest form: The “BamBoo” Concept Car is to be produced in electric or conventional driven versions of serial production, and will come into operation for car rental and in holiday venues, for example such as the Near East, Thailand, Caribbean or Florida. In any case, wherever the sun shines.

    About Carl F. Bucherer: Carl F. Bucherer, registered as Bucherer Montres S.A., is an independent company with over 90 years competency in the production of luxury watches. The Manufacture brand stands for uncompromising quality and aesthetical products with stylish design. It combines the finest watchmaking craftsmanship with the highest jewelry competency. The name recognizes the pioneering achievements of the company’s founder of the same name, Carl Friedrich Bucherer. The Carl F. Bucherer brand was launched with the objective of giving more strategic weight to its manufacturing competence, which had been successfully demonstrated since 1919. As the only watch brand located in Central Switzerland, Carl F. Bucherer manufactures and markets exclusive ladies and gents watches, thereby building the second arm of the Bucherer Group. The Bucherer Group is managed by the third generation of its founding family and is today presided over by Jörg G. Bucherer. The Carl F. Bucherer team under the management of CEO Sascha Moeri is reinforcing its market position as a progressive watch Manufacture in the premium segment, with its own workshop for the research, development and production of manufacture movements in Ste-Croix, as well as the presentation of the CFB A1000 Manufacture movement.

    Electric cars, modern lifestyles and the right heating from Eberspächer catem - www.eberspaecher.com

    At the Geneva Motor Show, the Rinspeed BamBoo concept car with its combination of retro looks and innovative technology set new standards in vehicle design studies, as did its heating system. For the electrical concept, Eberspächer catem developed a prototype PTC heater including air vent which compensates for the heat that would have been produced by a combustion engine. At a power rating of 5.2 kW it can heat the interior of the vehicle to a comfortable level within just a few seconds. A major plus point – apart from the extremely compact design – is its great installation flexibility: the design of the heater enables different installation positions, while the control device can be positioned practically anywhere in the vehicle, independently of the heater. The heating performance can be regulated infinitely using the electronic controller – either via PWM (pulse width modulation), LIN or CAN busses. The PTC heater can easily withstand high voltages of up to 500 V and meets the highest safety standards thanks to its completely isolated construction. All these properties, along with a degree of efficacy of 99 percent, make the PTC air and water heater from Eberspächer catem impressive not just for electrical concepts like the BamBoo but also for hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

    The aluminium central air vent was designed specifically for the BamBoo and enables the warm air flow to be regulated very effectively. The flexible plastic vanes allow the user to choose either to heat the windscreen to ensure a clear view or the passenger compartment for enhanced comfort.

    For more complex electrical vehicles with hybrid drive, Eberspächer catem offers high-volt PTC water heaters, which are integrated in the cooling water circuit. Depending on the weather conditions, these can be used to pre-heat the drive battery (key word: battery conditioning). However, the waste heat from the power electronics, the engine or the fuel cell can also be used for heating – providing comprehensive thermal management.

    BamBoo concept car uses FRäGER electric drive unit - FRäGER electric drive unit propels the BamBoo concept car - www.german-e-cars.de

    The electric drive unit developed in-house by the FRäGER Group provides the BamBoo lifestyle concept car presented by the Swiss firm Rinspeed with its sustainable propulsion system.

    In developing the unit, the research and development team at the German automobile supplier, led by Martin Fräger, is pursuing a similar philosophy to Rinspeed founder Frank M. Rinderknecht, which is to identify and analyse automotive industry changes and associated social trends, come up with visionary ideas to implement them and demonstrate their own capabilities through the rapid provision of production-ready standard products.

    The electric drive unit supplied by FRäGER is an essential component of the BamBoo lifestyle vehicle, making a key contribution to realising the concept car’s goal, which is to provide pure driving pleasure but with a clear conscience. To that end, the tried-and-tested mass-produced electric drive unit from FRäGER was a natural first choice. It has already been used successfully in the compact car STROMOS manufactured by FRäGER’s sister company German E-Cars, and was designed right from the start as the central drive unit for third-party cars and motorcycles as well as other road transportation applications.

    The drive unit, which was developed at breakneck speed, comprises the engine, an adapted transmission unit and the drive inverter. The chief advantages of this compact unit are its ease of integration thanks to the reduced interfaces, plus the ideal tuning which ensures that optimum power is extracted from the electric drive unit.

    A blue wonder: Goodyear EfficientGrip for the Rinspeed BamBoo - www.goodyear.de

    The drive to innovate has been a key component of the Goodyear philosophy right from the start. As far back as the mid-19th century, when Charles Goodyear discovered vulcanization as a crucial technical process in the production of rubber, he was setting a milestone that would be followed by many more. One of the latest developments: tires with optimized rolling resistance that help boost a vehicle’s fuel economy by a measurable degree. A host of different technologies and the full expertise of the international research team at Goodyear went into creating the tire that now graces the Rinspeed BamBoo in a special edition made in Goodyear’s signature shade of blue: the Goodyear EfficientGrip. The many innovative details that help the tire enhance fuel economy and cut CO2 emissions are all part of Goodyear’s FuelSaving Technology. The new tire is truly feature-packed, from its optimized tire tread and the lower weight made possible by today’s high-tech materials to the optimized rubber compounds used for the tread surface and tire interior. All of these factors help ensure that the EfficientGrip saves energy while still offering top-notch safety and driving enjoyment.

    HARMAN and the Rinspeed BamBoo Electric Concept Car - The World’s Best - and Greenest - Audio and Connectivity Technologies on Display - www.harman.com

    HARMAN, the leading worldwide provider of premium sound and infotainment systems, partners with Rinspeed to demonstrate HARMAN’s comprehensive audio and infotainment technologies in the BamBoo electric concept car.

    Reflecting consumer desires for both a greener and increasingly networked lifestyle, HARMAN is showcasing its full range of connected infotainment solutions including Aha Radio that balance safety, convenience, and driving enjoyment, along with HARMAN’s GreenEdge™ energy efficient audio solutions and HALOsonic™ technologies for electric vehicles.

    The HARMAN infotainment system breaks new grounds by safely delivering personalized, on-demand and interactive content to the Rinspeed BamBoo. A consumer’s digital lifestyle doesn’t stop at the curb, and HARMAN’s Aha Radio uses intuitive voice technologies and its patent-pending predictive search technology to bring social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter, podcasts, internet radio and enhanced location-based content into the car. The Aha Radio application translates text-based digital content to voice and plays it back within the car, making driving safer and more enjoyable, with minimal driver distraction. A car-mounted webcam allows HARMAN to stream your road adventures online, making the BamBoo a virtual traveling companion. The HARMAN infotainment system is also the central hub for the BamBoo energy management system, with energy efficient routing and monitoring of power consumption to precisely calculate the BamBoo’s available range.

    HARMAN infotainment solutions offer connectivity for the widest range of smartphones. In cooperation with HTC, HARMAN will showcase seamless integration with Android-based smartphones and tablets with full email and SMS readout as well as control of Android Apps.

    HARMAN sound technologies make driving the electrically-propelled BamBoo a unique experience, delivering greater safety, energy efficiency and enhanced driving enjoyment. The JBL® GreenEdge™ audio system delivers outstanding audio dynamics and excellent sound quality with extraordinary energy efficiency. HARMAN patented High-Efficiency speakers precisely matched with proprietary amplifier technology reduce the power requirement on the vehicle battery by over 60% at a dramatically reduced system weight without compromising the powerful JBL® sound characteristics.

    HARMAN’s HALOsonic™ ESS (Electronic Sound Synthesis), a tailored vehicle sound is generated for greater pedestrian safety. Depending on speed and direction of motion, front and rear-mounted speakers emit the vehicle driving sound to warn pedestrians of the approaching automobile. Inside the car, generated sound gives a sense of vehicle speed and acceleration. The system provides the driver with the accustomed acoustic feedback, even though the motor operates virtually without sound.

    HARMAN (www.harman.com) designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of audio and infotainment solutions for the automotive, consumer and professional markets – supported by 15 leading brands including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon® and Mark Levinson®. The Company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 20 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of about 11,000 people across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and reported sales of $3.5 billion over the twelve months ending September 30, 2010. The Company’s shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NYSE: HAR.

    HELVETING connects the car with the network economy - www.helveting.com

    Ushered in by successful car-sharing concepts around the world and inspired by the power of social networks, the BamBoo has come up with an innovative heart. The ‘Flyer’, a latest-generation tablet from smartphone manufacturer HTC, serves to connect the lifestyle concept car with the outside lift and a second that gets to travel for free. This allows the driver to improve his or her personal energy balance and benefit from reduced CO2 emissions via a future reward–penalty system or alternative ecological incentive systems.

    The creator of this new-style of networking possibility is HELVETING. The Swiss technology firm employs hundreds of engineers to whom technical consulting, project management and process and product development is truly a passion. Networked thinking that goes beyond set boundaries creates the basis for professional innovations. The experienced team thinks and works in an interdisciplinary manner in all engineering sciences. Its exclusivity stems from cross-engineering and its solutions remain benefit-focused. And it is the forward-looking, sustainable and economic nature of HELVETING’s products and systems that also makes them successful – as exemplified by the innovative connectivity system in the BamBoo from Rinspeed.

    Henkel - automotive.henkel.com

    Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries and Adhesive Technologies. Founded in 1876, Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial businesses.

    Henkel Adhesive Technologies is the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments for multiple industrial applications. Backed by extensive technical and design capabilities, along with a broad product portfolio, Henkel delivers solutions to all segments of the automotive supply chain, namely automotive body & assembly, powertrain & underhood, chassis & wheel, interior, exterior and electronics production. With leading brands like Loctite®, Teroson®, Aquence®, Bonderite® and Multan®, Henkel offers significant economic and environmental advantages for today’s and future’s vehicles, making them lighter, safer, and more comfortable.

    Cutting-Edge Technologies: Henkel applications can be found in any part of a vehicle: Special pretreatment systems for car bodies optimize corrosion protection and paint adhesion; Structural adhesives and components made of structural foams improve safety by absorbing impact energy in the event of a crash; Innovative sound-deadening materials improve vehicle acoustics for more comfort; Gasketing and casting products for engines and EV batteries improve quality and reliability.

    Henkel´s breakthrough materials enable creation of advanced light-weight constructions contributing to both higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption. An example of Henkel’s mass reducing structural solutions is Terocore® foam that helps OEMs achieve up to 30% higher stability and optimal crash protection. Terocore® improves passenger safety by increasing the rigidity of car bodies, especially in the critical crash zones.

    Winner of 2010 Automotive News PACE Award and Environmental Award – Henkel’s Aquence® Co-Cure process technology is another evidence of Henkel’s outstanding innovative capabilities. The Co-Cure process simplifies conventional metal pretreatment by reducing it to a two-coat cure process, therefore reducing the production footprint up to 40%. In addition, with single oven curing of Aquence® coating and topcoat, this process also reduces energy requirements.

    Innovating for the future: Henkel’s sustainable technologies and solutions allow customers to conserve environmental resources and increase efficiency of their production process, while delivering on legal, social and financial responsibilities. A winner of multiple industry awards, Henkel is a proven global leader in brands and technologies, and your automotive first partner of choice.

    Hornschuch - Innovations with a lot of drive - Green for good reasons - www.hornschuch.de

    Rinspeed and Hornschuch are connected by many things: The ability to innovate, by not only consistently imagining new ways, but implementing them. The courage to try something new, with fresh ideas and as true pioneers. The will to succeed, which causes them to pursue their goals with a great deal of commitment. Both want to do something, to create.

    Successful partners: Once a year, the think tank Rinspeed creates an uproar with its new concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. And the surface specialist Hornschuch creates a new hit each year with new, creative collections for both of its brands, skai® and d-c-fix®. The first approach began rather hesitantly, in spite of all of the similarities. When the sQuba 2008 was presented in Geneva, Hornschuch was a partner. But the role played by the material from Weißbach was so small and unspectacular that hardly anyone noticed it.

    Comprehensive cooperation: For the new Rinspeed cooperation, the concept car BamBoo, Konrad Hornschuch AG is utilizing three extremely innovative and futuristic products. This time on a large and conspicuous scale. These products are marked not only by their high-quality design and functional characteristics, but also by their ecological soundness. Because, in keeping with the spirit of the times, the entire car is very environmentally sustainable. From the ecological quality of the materials to the carbon footprint during production to the environmentally friendly electric drive.

    From head to foot…: skai® Neptun, a product of the newly developed, innovative Nano Profile series, was used for the multifunctional, sandwich structure roof of the Rinspeed BamBoo. This high-quality upholstery material, which was specially developed for outdoor use, has a water repellant nano-coating, which is extremely resistant to UV light and salt water. In addition, this extremely robust upholstery is particularly easy to care for and long lasting. The surface was decorated with an exclusive work of art created by James Rizzi. A highlight and original feature is the removable roof, which can be used as an air mattress on the beach in its inflated condition.

    …equipped with skai®: skai® EBamBoo is utilized in the interior of the show car – in the foot space and trunk – an innovative product of the nature base family, whose components are made of more than 80% natural and renewable raw materials. The utilized textile backing made of organic cotton and the organic plasticizer, which ensures the extraordinarily soft feel of the products, are important factors for the high level of sustainability of the material. In spite of this, the material has all of the performance characteristics of a conventional product. In addition, solvent-free paint systems are used, which make the surface tough. The BamBoo print also perfectly matches the theme, as do the color and the excellent characteristics of the material.

    More comfortable seating with breathable laif®: An additional Hornschuch innovation, laif® Cosit - a breathable seating upholstery material - is utilized for the front and rear seats. The high level of air and water vapor permeability of the upholstery material allows for maximum sitting comfort, even over extended distances or at high temperatures. Its high degree of light fastness, abrasion resistance, and light weight make laif® the ideal upholstery material. For this material as well, the environmental impact was minimized in the production process, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. The front seats have a print with a “man” and “woman” in the Rizzi style, the prints on the rear seats bear the typical “Rizzi bird”. The highlight: the rear seats are inflatable, can be folded up, and practically disappear if they are not needed. The use of individual Rizzi motifs on the seats and the roof make the vehicle a real eye catcher – with a little wink.

    Ideal presentation platform: The entire BamBoo concept combines lightness with ecological demands and modern technology. These are also the maxims of Hornschuch product developers, which is why skai® and laif® were predestined for the BamBoo. The cooperation with Rinspeed offers Hornschuch an ideal platform for proving its superior material quality. For example, genuine leather would be completely unsuitable for the applications in which skai® is used. In addition, the use of Hornschuch materials in a brand-neutral vehicle is desirable so that the company can demonstrate its extensive competence in the automobile branch.

    Interdisciplinary synergies: Internally, an interdisciplinary team from the business areas of “traffic” and “fashion” took care of the development, modification and processing of the materials used for the BamBoo at Hornschuch. In project work, diverse synergies were utilized, all of which were managed by the Design Center. And naturally, the project is also a managerial matter. For this reason, the Hornschuch executives will accompany Frank M. Rinderknecht for the premiere of the BamBoo in Geneva.

    A brief profile of the company: The Hornschuch Group is a recognized specialist for surface finishes. Foils, high-tech synthetics and imitation leather with outstanding product characteristics and top designs for a wide range of applications are the passion of Hornschuch. The Hornschuch Group with its parent company Konrad Hornschuch AG has, among others, five European sales subsidiaries, the recently acquired renowned O’Sullivan Film Inc., a leading manufacturer and finisher of high performance polymer films based in Winchester, Virginia (USA), and kek-Kaschierungen GmbH, a manufacturing subsidiary in Germany.

    Konrad Hornschuch AG with its head office in Weißbach near Heilbronn is the main production site and headquarters of the Hornschuch Group. At Weißbach Konrad Hornschuch AG manufactures its ornamental and functional films together with table coverings for the consumer market under the d-c-fix® brand and films, foam films and coated base materials for the furniture, automobile, textile, and construction industries under the industrial brand skai®.

    With its five sales subsidiaries, the group caters for the mayor European industry trends in the decision-making centers Paris, Milan, Prague, Moscow, and London. It also has representatives all over the world.

    HTC - www.htc.com

    The HTC Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers for smart phones and mobile devices based on Android and Windows Phone 7. Development and design at the Taiwanese company are centered around people and their needs as well as their way of working and lifestyle. The portfolio of products is distinguished by its unique combination of style and innovation. Since 2009, HTC offers its users HTC Sense, the first intuitive people centered user interface that dismisses the predominant application based logic used by other manufacturers. The overall concept of HTC Sense stands for individualized mobility that simplifies the communication between people and the usage of and access to information on the go. With new and wider usage of sensor and radio technology in the mobile devices as well as intelligent interaction partners like consumer electronics and IT devices HTC strikes out in innovative directions giving connectivity a new meaning. Thus, connectivity not only stands for being always connected to the internet, it also implies the exchange of information and data with different interaction partners from the CE, IT and also the automotive industry.

    “The smartphone as your personal information agent is the best gateway and control for all IT and CE products. You always have it with you, it knows your likes, friends and contacts and thanks to GPS it always knows its whereabouts”, says André Lönne, Executive Director DACH at HTC. “The project around Rinspeeds´ concept car ‘BamBoo’ offers HTC the possibility to show a broad audience what a smartphone is capable of today and what connectivity could mean in the future.”

    HTC was founded in 1997 by Cher Wang (Chairwoman), HT Cho and Peter Chou, CEO and president.

    James Rizzi and the Rinspeed BamBoo - Pop Art Meets Concept Car -
    www.james-rizzi.com  / www.art28.com

    When Frank M. Rinderknecht approached James Rizzi in 2010 and asked him whether he didn’t want to participate in the design of his latest concept car, much persuasion wasn’t needed. One look at the first sketches of this airy fun-mobile sufficed, and Rizzi was hooked. Inflatable seatsogon; An electro-scooter in the backogon; A roof that could do double duty as an airbedogon; Who could resistogon;!

    Certainly not the 60 year old pop art star from New York, who has always stayed young at heart, and has always been intrigued by innovation. Case in point: the invention of the 3D construction almost 40 years ago, which ever since has been inseparably linked to his name in the art world. And that was just the beginning of an unprecedented career during the course of which Rizzi never hesitated to blur the line that separates art from product design. Thus he lent his signature style to a variety of objects over the years: from buildings and a Boeing right up to the BamBoo.

    James Rizzi lives and works in SoHo, New York. He is being exclusively represented world-wide by Art 28.

    Leading with a shining example - The MBtech Group realizes the innovative "Identiface" front display for the "BamBoo" - www.mbtech-group.com

    Keeping ahead with passion and innovative power: The cooperation with Rinspeed came about because the MBtech Group, the engineering and consulting service provider, is renowned for the very same thing. MBtech is participating as the development partner for the visionary "BamBoo" e-vehicle study. The result is known as the "Identiface" and makes a striking impression. The “Identiface” creates completely new, interactive and uniquely implementable options for the passenger vehicle's front designs, and premieres at the Geneva Autosalon 2011.

    The unique combination of engineering and consulting competencies has enabled the MBtech Group to establish itself as one of the leading international service providers for the vehcile industry. Every day approximately 2,800 employees worldwide work to make the future of mobility for their customers into a reality today. The MBtech Group displayed its innovative range of services at the Commercial Vehicles IAA 2010 –With the "Reporter" pickup study the group presented its first concept vehicle developed completely as an in-house project. The "Identity Lights" are one of the outstanding features: LED light strips which contribute to creating the vehicle's unmistakeable appearance.

    MBtech has employed and enhanced this approach for the Rinspeed "BamBoo" with a multifunctional design: The "Identiface" is harmoniously integrated into the front of the vehicle and consists of an extremely bright, high-resolution, LCD-LED display which enables drivers to give their vehicles their own unique, customized character (identity). It can also be used to display useful warning messages for other road users, for example (utility). When desired it can also be emotional. Personal messages from virtual networks such as facebook or twitter (social media) or simple fun applications (fun) can be shown. As such, MBtech's designers and engineers have succeeded in combining the virtual world with the real world in a completely new way in a single vehicle – This is another shining example of the company's motto "we keep you ahead".

    RWE and Rinspeed - Where the future is reality today - www.rwe-mobility.com

    “We’re putting renewable energy on the road.” This is the goal of RWE for the future of mobility, and the company is thus playing a major part as the innovation leader among European energy utilities and as a supplier of a charging infrastructure and of green vehicle power.

    Rather than waiting until tomorrow, RWE has understood that electric mobility is an issue for today. It is therefore setting up customer-friendly charging infrastructure in several European Countries.

    This means that e-drivers can charge up their vehicles wherever they would normally park anyway – whether it’s in their private environment, at work or at leisure facilities. RWE has developed intelligent and fast charging stations that incorporate tomorrow’s standards and which enable drivers to recharge their batteries conveniently and without hassle.

    With its roll-out of electric mobility, RWE has taken an important step towards climate-friendly mobility, and its green vehicle power – obtained 100% from renewable sources – makes a vital contribution to the conservation of resources and the protection of the environment.

    To add even greater power to electric mobility, RWE does not shy away from unconventional paths. With its Project Bamboo and the joint venture, RWE and Frank Rinderknecht are setting new standards in 2011. Two partners have pooled their resources and are working together on tomorrow’s mobility.

    For over two years now RWE has been publishing electric mobility in Germany and has been preparing it for a market roll-out. In doing so, the Essen-based company is focusing on its core competences: the development and expansion of a public, commercial/industrial and private charging infrastructure and the production and sale of green electricity. To ensure the greatest possible benefit for the environment, RWE follows the principle that e-mobility should only be offered in conjunction with eco-power.

    For the last year RWE has also promoted electric mobility in other European countries, such as the UK, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands. RWE sees e-mobility as a European issue and has therefore concluded joint venture agreements with several important German and international automobile manufacturers.

    Schoeller - Sustainability and Function - www.schoeller-wool.com

    Schoeller Group, which has its headquarters in the Austrian city of Bregenz, is one of the leading worsted yarn manufacturers in the world. With its 500 staff, the Schoeller Group produces 4000 tons of yarn a year at various locations across Europe. One-and-a-half centuries of experience and an innovative research and development department furthermore ensure that the Group is constantly increasing its technological lead. However, all of the Group’s actions and decisions are informed by one guiding principle: sustainability. Hence, Schoeller has now not only become the first worsted yarn spinning company in the world to have been bluesign-certified (a comprehensive standard certifying compliance with a range of environmental and organic production requirements), but has also received the coveted bluesign Award. However, Schoeller is also actively involved in the IVN (International Association Natural Textile Industry) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

    An important part of the Schoeller customer portfolio is the ‘Traveltex’ segment, i.e. yarns used in cars, busses, trains and planes – several of the yarns and fibres are even used in space travel, making them some of the most widely travelled threads around. This segment comprises innovative yarns developed by Schoeller in collaboration with its industrial partners that, amongst others, are enabling these companies to develop new kinds of seat covers, door linings, composite materials and car roof liners.

    During the realisation of the new Rinspeed study BamBoo, the Vorarlberg-based company was yet again able to steal the day with its decisive advantages when it comes to sustainable development and production. The materials used in this project are a testimony to intelligent functionality and the current renaissance of natural fibres. In the development of the BamBoo, it was of course the sustainability of BamBoo production and the fact that BamBoo fibres do not need any significant further processing that was at the forefront of all considerations. The BamBoo fibres used in this project must not, however, be confused with the BamBoo viscose fibres widely available on the market today. This is because natural BamBoo fibres are a high quality material, very strong, a sustainable raw material and can be produced in socially responsible ways. The natural BamBoo fibres used in the BamBoo project are mechanically separated and produced using a unique spinning and processing method developed by Schoeller. The resulting yarn is fully recyclable, bluesign-certified and is now able to fulfil an important role in vehicle production. The BamBoo yarn furthermore also formed the basis of the development of a new innovative thermoplastic composite material. Thanks to its outstanding forming characteristics and material properties, this material is highly suitable for use for, e.g. covers or speaker linings. The use of the material in this way does not detract from its high strength, sustainability or recyclability in any way whatsoever. Hence, it is a real winner all-round: for vehicle manufacturers, end users and the environment.

    One of Schoeller’s other innovations is a cooling polyamide with integrated minerals. This material, effectively used in the BamBoo, actually cools passengers inside the vehicle without the use of any additional energy and while still saving in weight. The conclusionogon; Schoeller’s materials, which are spun and processed in compliance with the strictest environmental standards, significantly contribute to the BamBoo’s light-hearted, natural and low-impact design and further highlight this innovative vehicle’s multifunctionality.

    SHARP - Rinspeed’s official multimedia partner - www.sharp.ch

    The renowned Swiss car and concept designer Rinspeed is cooperating with Sharp, one of the world’s largest technology corporations, with regard to its new concept car „Rinspeed BamBoo“ for the seventh time. An extraordinary concept deserves an extraordinary presentation. And as always, Sharp guarantees this with a range of state-of-the-art LCD TVs boasting innovative technologies that give the viewer an even better understanding of the ideas and characteristics behind this new concept car, pin sharp and with unprecedented colour brilliance. Thanks to their advanced technologies, the newest Sharp TVs are especially power efficient, which is completely in keeping with Rinspeed’s philosophy.

    Quattron stirs up colour television: In the spring of 2010, LCD pioneer Sharp revolutionised the flat TV market with its Quattron technology. Today, the unique four colour technology forms the basis of the future generations of AQUOS LCD TVs. The electronics corporation is now gradually expanding its LCD TV line-up and supplementing its series with 3D technology and a direct internet connection. SHARP continues to focus on the best image, innovative designs, the best environmental performance in the market and large screen sizes.

    The Quattron technology adds a forth colour yellow (Y) to the three basic colours red, green and blue (RGB). The thus expanded colour scale allows for the lifelike colour reproduction of almost all colours that the human eye can see without an aid. In particular golden yellow. The highly efficient Quattron panel in connection with the power efficient LED background lighting produce not only impressive images, but power consumption is also reduced to an absolute minimum.

    The forth colour also took the three-dimensional world by storm at the end of last year. Thanks to the extremely light Quattron panel, 3D images can be reproduced with the same brightness as 2D images. The loss of brightness through the 3D glasses is thus fully compensated. The Quattron technology received the EISA award for the most advanced technology in the TV field on the occasion of the IFA in Berlin at the end of 2010.

    Air as Your Building Material - Tecnotex as Your Partner - www.tecnotex.ch

    The New Dimension of Mobility: Low weight, fast construction, precise contouring and excellent weather resistance – these are the attributes that characterize the high-quality construction and design elements from tecnotex. Both the inflatable roof of the BamBoo and the unique ‘suitcase seat’ in the rear of the car come from the workshop of the innovative company.

    From textile-pneumatic components for wind energy plants to light pillars and Archimedean elements for trade show exhibits all the way to inflatable wings for “Jet Man” Yves Rossy – all tecnotex products are created by combining the construction material air with the latest innovations in textile engineering and sophisticated joining technology. All products are based on 3D fabrics and hollow chamber systems developed in house: structural components for superlight construction.

    The Beach Chairs Are Always At Hand: Elegantly stored in an aluminum suitcase in the rear of the BamBoo are two chairs that can be inflated in seconds. They can be used either in the car itself – secured with seatbelts – or for a romantic tête-à-tête on a secluded beach. The air for inflating the chairs is part of the standard equipment. The seats themselves are connected to the suitcase, which can be easily removed from the car and placed wherever your heart desires.

    Enjoying a Fresh Breeze: The weatherproof inflatable roof of the BamBoo can be removed quickly and easily, turning the fun car into a sleek convertible. Simply unfasten the clips, open the valve, fold the roof, store – and feel the wind in your hair. If the sun’s rays are too intense the mobile car roof can be inflated quickly with the integrated blower and attached between the clips.

    “SWISS MADE” in Capital Letters: tecnotex has been developing innovative and highly advanced products in close cooperation with its customers since 2002. By using state-of-the-art technologies and patented processes rigid pressurized structures can now be mass produced with convex, concave and plane surfaces rather than being limited to the conventional round and bulging shapes. All products are engineered and manufactured in Switzerland.

    Do You Have a Visionogon; We turn your visions into successful products with professional know-how, innovative strength and thinking that focuses on solutions: Do you need design elements for a trade-show exhibit guaranteed to wow visitorsogon; High-quality protective elements for partitioning rooms or thermal insulationogon; Load-bearing elements for a temporary bridgeogon; As diverse as our customers might be, they all have two things in common: They use air as a construction material. And they rely on us as their partner. Turn your ideas into reality together with us, build for the future – and gain the decisive market advantage.

    Ticona - Innovative and light plastic components for the BamBoo - www.ticona.com

    Ticona, the Celanese Corporation manufacturer of high-performance plastics, is supplying important materials for a Rinspeed concept car for the second time in succession. Ticona markets a broad range of specialized plastics and has supported innovation processes and advances in the automobile industry for many years.

    The Kelsterbach company produced components made from Celstran® tapes for the underbody, tailgate and for parts of the interior of the BamBoo. There are also applications made from Hostaform® MetaLX™ for the roll bar and the 3-spoke steering wheel in the car.

    Celstran® Tapes excel due to their low weight, high degree of stiffness and toughness as well as environmentally friendly processing and excellent recyclability. Ticona collaborated with Oxeon from Sweden as well as Kringlan Composites from Switzerland in manufacturing the components.

    Apart from Celstran® tapes, highly specialized Hostaform® grades were also used: Ticona’s new product Hostaform® MetaLX™ (XT) was used in the roll bar of the lifestyle vehicle. This material sets new standards in impact resistance and weldline strength compared with other impact modified POM materials. Hostaform® MetaLX™ also provides lightness with metallic look in the stylish 3-spoke steering wheel.

    The roller interior covers concealing the glovebox are a further visual highlight; made from Hostaform® polymer and glass fibers they feature drawings by the pop artist James Rizzi, giving the new concept car a fresh, lifestyle look.

    Ticona posted net sales of $808 million in fiscal 2009. Ticona employs about 1,400 people at production, compounding and research facilities in Germany, the USA, Brazil and China.

    About Celstran® Tapes: Ideal for highly stressed components in automotive construction, energy production, the oil and gas industry, aerospace applications as well as the sport and leisure sector. They combine low weight with outstanding stiffness and toughness. Celstran tapes are produced in a special, patented process in which the high quality of the impregnation is achieved without damaging the fibers. The unidirectional tapes are environmentally friendly and easy to process as well as having good recyclability. Ticona delivers one of the widest ranges of these tapes currently available in the market enabling customer-specific and individual solutions.

    About Hostaform®: Polyoxymethylene (POM) under the tradenames Hostaform, Celcon and Duracon are among the most important Ticona products. Hostaform from Ticona is especially popular in the automobile industry: Special grades have been developed e.g. for vehicle interiors or for contact with fuels. The outstanding slip/wear properties mean Hostaform is also used where low surface resistance is required: In syringes or gearwheels, in insulin pens or sliding elements of window regulators or chain links

    VDO - Mobility thought through - www.continental-corporation.com

    Continental is one of the world’s leading automotive industry suppliers. We want to make individual mobility safer, more comfortable, and more sustainable through forward-looking products and services.

    As a supplier of tires, brake control systems, driving dynamics control, driver assistance systems, sensors, systems and components for the powertrain and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics and technical elastomers, we contribute towards enhanced driving safety and protection of the global climate.

    Continental is also a competent partner in networked automobile communications. At Continental within six divisions – Chassis & Safety, Powertrain, Interior, Passenger and Light Truck Tires, Commercial Vehicle Tires, and ContiTech – round about 149’000 employees in 46 countries are a continuous driving force for future mobility concepts.

    But individual mobility is now facing its greatest upheaval since the invention of automobiles. With their know-how, technology and products, Continental is best positioned to help decisively fashion the automobile sector‘s major trends in safety, environment, information and affordable vehicles. The company forges the mobility concept of the future through six divisions: tyre and breaking systems, powertrain and chassis components, as well as with instrumentation and infotainment solutions.

    “Always On” – the vision of the Interior division: In the Interior division, Continental bundles together all activities that deal with information management, including the processing, prioritising and presentation of information in vehicles. The vehicle driver should have the requested, accurate and necessary information available to him or her at all times. The Interior division has developed its work so successfully that it has become a world-market leader in instrumentation, telematics systems, tachographs and bodywork electronics.

    Pure lifestyle: Complementing the “BamBoo” E-car, the latest draught from Swiss concept design company Rinspeed, Continental has created a unique information terminal under the brand name VDO. The color LCD display provides artistically designed animations and playful elements giving the driver of a BamBoo an overview of the key vehicle data. The design of the control panel and also the vehicle itself, reminds one of the 70’s lifestyle with the longing for sun, sea and sand. Reduced to just essentials, this unique instrument underlines this vehicle’s claim to aesthetics and light-heartedness.

    Weisbrod - Creativ fabrics made in Switzerland since 1825 - weaving from silk to high-tech - www.weisbrod.ch

    Our company has been established 1825 and at the world exhibition in Paris 1856 our silk fabrics where assigned with a silver medal. In 1892 we have built an electric power station in Aeugstertal for provisioning us with energy. Because of the world economic crisis we moved our mill to England in 1931 and invested again in Hausen am Albis in new mill building after the second world war, 1951

    2008 we invested in broad finishing machines and production halls for our double width weaving machines we achieved with the take over of the Boller-Winkler weaving mill. 185 years of eventful history.

    By now the sixth Generation guides the destiny of the company and invests with great enthusiasm and ideas, as shows also the Rinspeed Concept Car project. Such challenge brings us the determined steps onwards. We are used to work closely with our clients to realize innovative projects under time pressure.

    Worldwide known customers look for this advance in innovation, creativity and know how in weaving various yarns from silk to light piping yarns as well as reliability and respectful acquaintance with partnership and ethic policy.

    The fabric chosen for this project is connecting emotions, of a famous artist and functional performances of the used yarns what means an alliance of an effective growing BamBoo fiber yarn and a cooling high-tech yarn to an aesthetically unique textile. It is a challenge and a pleasure to have the chance to cooperate for this future oriented eco-friendly project.

    Zurich Financial Services Group (Zurich) - www.zurich.com

    New environment-friendly technologies and materials play an increasingly important role when building cars. While this opens up a wide range of opportunities, at the same time new risks arise for which insurance solutions are needed. A close cooperation with partners from different industries is therefore key in the development phase. The cooperation with Rinspeed allows Zurich to tap into a knowledge pool where experts from areas such as car manufacturing, IT, telematics and communications exchange ideas and Zurich brings in its insurance insights.

    Tilman Hengevoss, Head of Customer Experience & Segment Marketing for Zurich’s General Insurance segment, said: “Zurich is looking ahead, as we want to know how customers will organize their mobility in the future. That’s why we are working with innovative companies such as Rinspeed that help us understand trends and how those could impact customer behaviors.”

    Zurich Financial Services Group (Zurich) is a leading multi-line insurance provider with a global network of subsidiaries and offices in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East as well as other markets. It offers a wide range of general insurance and life insurance products and services for individuals, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies as well as multinational corporations. Zurich employs about 60,000 people serving customers in more than 170 countries. Founded in 1872, the Group is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich Financial Services Ltd (ZURN) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and has a level I American Depositary Receipt program (ZFSVY) which is traded over-the-counter on OTCQX.

    Special thanks to :

    Die Agentur Group, Advertising, supporting the Rinspeed BamBoo project with creative work - www.die-agentur-group.com

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