2011 Romeo Ferraris Chevrolet Corvette Z06 RF


(from Romeo Ferrari Press Release)  CORVETTE Z06-RF

Romeo Ferraris challenges and beats the ZR1

Romeo Ferraris (street and competition car tuning specialized factory for more than 50 years) declares war to the most powerful Corvette of General Motors with a tuning of 670 bhp and 823 Nm torque on the basis of the Corvette Z06.

October, 7th 2010 – Until 2009, with its 510 bhp and over 300km/h of speed, the Z06 was the most powerful stock Corvette ever produced by General Motors. The recent introduction of the ZR1 stole the Z06's supremacy, with 640 bhp of the new 8 cylinder LS9 engine with a volumetric supercharger. A supremacy, that can however be gained back with Romeo Ferraris' specific tuning program for the Corvette, which transforms the Z06 into a high powered car with 670 bhp, able to pass 200km/h in less than 10 seconds and to fly over 340km/h.

DESIGN: Racing style

To distinguish the Z06-RF from the common Corvette it has been necessary to change its look, not on what concerns the aerodynamic and structural issue, since the aluminium chassis and the carbon fenders are untouchable, but on what concerns the painting.

A simple painting would have been enough, that's why Romeo Ferraris chose to wrap the Z06-RF with a special carbon film which gives an aggressive look and protects the body from the atmospheric agents, keeps the original color of the car and gives the option to reestablish it without any problems (and value falls) when it's time to sell it: an issue that should not be underestimated for supercars like Corvette, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

INTERIORS: European finishes

Corvette's stock passenger compartment is designed in true american style: essential and its finishes are not at european counter-partyʼs level. At the opposite, the Z06-RF interiors have been studied to accomodate the driver in a classy and confortable compartment. In fact Romeo Ferraris offers the chance to wrap every single plastic part, from the dashboard to the door panel, with extremely smooth, first class italian leather. However sportiness was chosen for the seats, the Recaro Sportsters (with airbag), which manage to contain the driver in the exaggerated lateral acceleration generated by the car at high speed. A touch of style is given by the Romeo Ferraris “Commando” steering wheel in
Alcantara with square design which takes up the shape of the front fenders.

ENGINE: Over 650 bhp

The extraordinary power reached by the ZR1 of General Motors and the Z06-RF Romeo Ferraris has been possible thanks to a supercharger: a volumetric one for the ZR1 and a centrifugal one for the Z06-RF. The kit chosen by Romeo Ferraris for the Z06-RF has been realized by Vortech and includes a centrifugal supercharger, an air-air aluminium intercooler, a bypass valve, alluminium installation supports, a high capacity gasoline pump and increased injectors. However there are several differences between the two cars: the engine's capacity, the exhaust system and the final performances.

In fact the ZR1 has been developed on the base of the LS9 6.2 litre engine, but the 7.0 litre LS7 that equips the Z06 permitted Romeo Ferraris to take advantage of the higher cubic capacity. First of all the higher reliability and, thanks to a high performance exhaust system realized by the Factory and a careful optimization of the electronics, to obtain more horse power at lower number of rpm (677 bhp at 6000 rpm vs 646 bhp at 6500 rpm of the ZR1) with more disposable torque all speed long: up to 823 Nm at 4950 rpm (The ZR1 reaches the maximum peak of 819 Nm at 3900 rpm).

Therefore the Z06-RF is much more aggresive than the ZR1 and reaches the extraordinary speed of 340 km/h, still remaining a every-day-car if driven under 3000 rpm. It's enough to touch the gas pedal with more decision to transform this supercar in a spaceship: the numbers speak out, the Z06-RF does 0-100 km/h in 3,3 seconds and passes 200km/h in less than 10 seconds.

SET UP AND BRAKES: Power under control

Z06-RF's behavior on track is radically different from the Z06ʼs one. The increased and immediately disposable power made the car very aggressive in acceleration, reaching high speed instantly..

To guarantee maximum security on track and street, Romeo Ferraris replaced the whole braking system on the two axles, installing 380mm rotors with 6-piston callipers on the front and 345mm rotors with 4-piston callipers on the back.

At the end the Z06-RF is a supercar for who looks for the maximum perfomance but also wants an every-day-car. The new set up with automatic variable calibration comes for this need, adapting to the different surfaces you can meet in the city (asphalt, disconnections, cobblestones, etc) and consequently modifying the shock's braking to guarantee the maximum roadholding and comfort. On a perfect asphalt, like on track, the Z06-RF will have a hard set up, on the other hand on disconnected terrains, like historical city centers it will limit eventual impacts with a softer set up. The 19” front and 20” rear black divided rims set complete the Corvette Z06-RF.


Carbon film body wrapping

Recaro Sportster racing seats with side airbags
Complete leather wrapping: dashboard, door panels and plastics (optional)
Romeo Ferraris “Commando” steering wheel
Romeo Ferraris shift knob
Romeo Ferraris shift cuff
Romeo Ferraris pedals

Electonic upgrade
Panel air filter
Vortech centrifugal supercharger kit
Increased water radiator
Left and right manifold
Midpipe with metallic kat
Left and right exhaust
Syntethic racing motor oil
Motor oil additive

Antiroll bars
Automatic calibration racing shocks
Spacers 15 mm
Front racing pads
Rear racing pads
Metallic brake hoses
Syntethic racing brakes oil
Increased front braking system 380 x 32 mm – 6-piston callipers
Increased rear braking system 345 x 28 mm – 4-piston callipers
Front divided rims 10x19
Rear divided rims 12x20
Front P Zero Rosso 285/30 R19 tyres
Rear P Zero Rosso 345/25 R20 tyres

Serious Wheels