2011 Singer Porsche 911 White


(from Singer Press Release)  Singer Vehicle Design purchases fully road legal pre-1994 Porsche 911 Coupes for the basis of construction. When its transformation is complete, the newly born Singer 911 retains the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of its donating ‘parent’ 911 and is legally registered, operated and licensed in the same manner.  We see this process as a modest contribution to the recycling culture and one by which old 911s are reclaimed and perhaps saved from an uncertain future.

  • The cars are comprehensively stripped and the monocoque (unibody) is cleaned and media blasted to bare metal and then treated for rust prevention.
  • All bodywork to be replaced is stripped from the car and the chassis receives additional welding and strengthening in preparation for its new bodywork.
  • The windscreen wipers are relocated to the central position found in the later 993 series cars where their efficiency is vastly increased.
    The unique Singer 911 carbon fiber bodywork is constructed from premium ‘pre preg’ carbon fiber and is correctly vacuum bagged and baked to a temperature of over 250 degrees. These are true carbon fiber parts benefiting from the attributes of extreme strength and light weight.
  • The areas of the car that are replaced with carbon fiber parts are as follows:
    - Front fenders
    - Front bumper
    - Front hood (bonnet)
    - Rear fenders
    - Rear bumper
    - Rear engine deck lid/speed sensitive active rear spoiler
    - Roof (a carbon roof is not fitted if a sunroof is specified)
    Note:  The doors remain in steel in order to retain side impact resistance as they contain the impact safety beams fitted on later model 911s.
  • The front spoiler is constructed from a flexible urethane with a black textured finish.
  • The lower rockers and lower rear valances are constructed from a high temperature resistant urethane with a black textured finish.

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