2011 Venturi Fetish


(from Venturi Press Release)  Fétish : An object to which some people attribute the power of bringing luck, happiness, to the person who possesses it.


Launched in 2004, the VENTURI FéTISH was presented on the occasion of the brand's 20th Anniversary, with the intention of casting a look, not to the past, but to the future of VENTURI.

The journalists and personalities who were able to drive it discovered for the first time, 6 years ago, that an electric car could not only be very alluring but also offer the same performance as a car with a heat engine.

In this respect, VENTURI thus truly invented the modern electric car.

Thanks to its many innovations which have defined the main technical principles for electric vehicles to come, VENTURI thus changed mentalities and served as inspiration for the entire automobile industry, from small craftsmen to major manufacturers.

VENTURI has since become a group, actively pursuing its development in several different sectors, from battery electronics to electrification of vehicles for large-scale production.

Endurance, speed, extreme conditions, the VENTURI GLOBAL CHALLENGES are real exploits at both human and technological level, fantastic adventures which have adopted the world as their testing-ground in order to demonstrate the superiority of VENTURI achievements, from Shanghai to Paris, on the Bonneville salt flats in Utah and, soon, in the Antarctic.

On the strength of its technological leadership based on 10 years of specialisation in electric propulsion, VENTURI is now presenting two highly sporty models in world premières : the new VENTURI FéTISH and VENTURI AMERICA, both benefitting from the most advanced technologies currently available.


At the "Mondial de l'Automobile 2010", VENTURI is presenting a completely new FéTISH, directly based on developments undertaken for VENTURI's World Records program in BONNEVILLE, USA (2009-2012) with the VENTURI "JAMAIS CONTENTE", the fastest electric vehicle in the world.

Rear spoiler, black headlight trims, "BONNEVILLE" colours and finishes recalling the decoration of the Venturi "Jamais Contente", the new FéTISH does not, however, content itself with mere cosmetic retouching : a new motor, powerful new electronics, a new under-carriage, new batterie system, new design for the exterior, a new interior... In fact, all of its components have been reviewed to make this technological marvel a vehicle of true excellence.

With an output of over 300 HP for total weight of 1,225 kilos, 200 km/hr, and 0 to 100 in less than 4 secs, the FéTISH has become a "muscle car", armed and ready for battle : above all, it is more than ever before the world's sportiest and most highly perfected example of an electric car.

Finally, it sees itself as a rarity, built of very high-tech materials : the FéTISH is to be assembled by hand and made to order in our workshops in Monaco.


With over 300 hp (+220 kW) and torque of 380 Nm, the VM300 is the most advanced electric motor ever designed for a car.

To get the very best out of such a motor, a new 54 kWh battery pack has been developed (LIV-10 Lithium Ion Polymer batteries) whose electronics (Battery Management System) have been entrusted to VENTEC, the leader in the field.

FéTISH offers a real range of up to 340 km. Thanks to its on-board charger, it can recharge using a regular electrical socket or fast charge terminals (see Specs).


The FéTISH's architecture is that of a racing car with a motor ideally mounted in a central position to the rear, backed by a carbon monocoque chassis.

The first chassis specifically designed to house a large volume of batteries, the carbon monocoque developed by Venturi provides an exceptional protection cell for its occupants ; it is completed by two deformable cells positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle. This concept guarantees the security of the battery in the event of an accident and provides a level of safety never before achieved in an electric vehicle.


Thanks to the 300 hp of its motor combined with a maximised weight of 1,225 kilos, a brand new undercarriage and very large tyres, the FéTISH behaves like a sports car with exemplary road-holding and traction.

Leaping from 0 to 100km/hr in less than 4 seconds, the FéTISH is a true acceleration car.

Furthermore, the FéTISH offers a range of up to 340 km.


The Venturi FéTISH is made by hand and to order in our workshops in Monaco.

The production is limited, but not the program of customization, our Designer Sacha Lakic being at the arrangement of every customer to assist him in his most exclusive desires.

Special attention has been paid to the vehicle's manufacturing quality, and particularly to the interior, with a dashboard featuring high-tech equipment, but also noble materials such as leather or carbon fiber.


"The Venturi Fétish corresponds perfectly to its name.

The key words that best its style are "sensuality and emotion", though "passion and pleasure" also convey what one feels behind the wheel.

Its bodywork is sculpted with extraordinary finesse. Both sleek and feminine, its shape evokes agility and power.

This amazingly graceful silhouette houses an exclusive monocoque chassis made of carbon. As for a racing car, it is both rigid and protective. This unique chassis is an integral part of both the exterior and interior styles. It is visible when the doors are open and closed.

Ideally positioned in the centre, the last-generation lithium batteries lower the centre of gravity as much as possible, ensuring that the Fétish offers incredible driving pleasure.

The Fétish has given Venturi cars the look of a new era, a style which is appropriate, elegant and timeless."


Benefitting from on-going technological evolution, the Venturi FéTISH does not aim to be a mass-produced vehicle.

Made by hand and to order in the Principality of Monaco, it is reserved for an exclusive and avant-garde clientele : its production is limited to 10 cars per year.

The sales price of the Venturi FéTISH is 300,000 € + VAT ; its completion time is currently 12 months.

With a 2-year guarantee, the FéTISH benefits from assistance enabling our technicians to perform a tele-diagnosis by means of a simple WIFI or GPRS connection.

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