2011 Vorsteiner Porsche 911 Turbo V-RT


(from Vorsteiner Press Release)  The Evolution Continues: The V-RT for the 911 Turbo by Vorsteiner

Explore the ultimate sports coupe with V-RT series aerodynamic & performance enhancements from Vorsteiner for the 911 Turbo.

Our core focus of the V-RT series is to maximize performance by optimizing the power to weight ratio of the vehicle.

This achievement is made possible by producing our aerodynamic line with state of the art dry carbon fiber vacuum technology. This technology enables Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber products to exhibit higher stiffness and strength compared to other steel and aluminum components while simultaneously reducing weight up to 40%.

V-RT Carbon Fiber Aerodynamics

The V-RT front end features a newly redesigned front bumper cover that is constructed out of carbon fiber composite (CFRP). The front bumper exhibits a performance focus with the new sporty add-on carbon fiber chin spoiler and larger duct openings to feed air into the front radiators, along with the elimination of the fog lights for improved visual styling and weight reduction.

The Vorsteiner Rear Bumper and Decklid of the 911 Turbo meet the demand for performance and visual design.

The rear of the V-RT continues the same sport performance motif as the front bumper with the use of lighter carbon fiber material construction throughout the body components. The carbon fiber decklid and carbon fiber wing blade increases rear end down force, which improves handling.

To complete the light weight aerodynamic package, a replacement carbon fiber roof panel was produced which significantly improves the handling around the track while removing 55 lbs from the highest point of the vehicle

Reducing Rotational Inertia

A key component to improving acceleration, braking, and power to weight ratio are the wheels and tires you choose for your vehicle. For this reason we have coupled our lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamics with our forged 1-piece monoblock aluminum wheels and high performance Michelin PS2 sport tires.

The 1-piece and 3-piece forged wheels for Porsche 911 have a new exclusive center locking option that enables faster wheel changes and improved road performance.

Please feel free to take a look at our available wheel styling options.

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