2011 Wheelsandmore Aston Martin Vantage V8


(from Wheelsandmore Press Release)  Aston Martin @Vantage V8 by Wheelsandmore

As many sportscars from Aston Martin are wearing the designation Vantage since the early 50´s german tuning professionals are showing their latest creation of the beautiful convertible.

After installing the handcrafted 3-piece 6Sporz˛ forged rims the roadster appears more sporty and visually perfected. At the front the wheels are sizing 9,0 x21 fitted with tyres 255/30/21 and at the rear axle 11.0 x21 with tires in size 295/25/21.

Wheelsandmore also used uncompromising state-of-the art quality at the suspension kit developed from specialists KW.

A rebound and compression adjustable stainless steel coilover suspension variant 3 enhances the performance significantly without an uncomfortable impression.

The luxury tuner receives more agility, torquey and powersound of the V8 engine by installing the proven combination of 200 cells sport catalysts and a remotable, valve-controlled exhaust system. Combined a noticeable increase in performance is achieved at about 460HP and 500Nm of torque.

Prices (excl. tax/vat):

  • Wheelset 6Sporz ˛ 9.0 +11.0 x21 with 255/30/21 and 295/25/21 – 9916 EURO
  • Valve controlled exhaust and 200 cell sports catalysts - 6008 EURO
  • Stainless steel adjustable suspension - EURO 2939
  • All prices include installation

  • Serious Wheels