2011 Wiesmann GT MF4 & MF4-S


(from Wiesmann Press Release)  Wiesmann GT MF4

Anyone who claims that beauty is in the aesthetics and is based on subjective perception has obviously never seen the Wiesmann MF4. Once you’ve had a glimpse of the MF4, you’ll have to rethink the concept of objective beauty. The power of design is seldom seen as powerfully as it is in this roadster. It is an amalgamation of vintage and modern lines. Its philosophy unites power with pure comfort. If you’ve been searching for design and driving pleasure in one perfect car, look no further than the Wiesmann MF4.

“Our goal in developing the Wiesmann MF4 was nothing more and nothing less than the perfect combination of dynamics and design. I think this is what we have achieved”.
Martin Wiesmann

The Exterior

Powerful Gran Turismo

The Wiesmann GT MF4 has a powerful design – and just as powerful inner values: The sensitive responding behaviour of the highly efficient engine has no easy task in motivating its entire body to react in milliseconds. But the car’s design is what makes it so truly unique, and what will continue to inspire you each and every day.

The Interior

The secret to feeling good

Sheer driving pleasure is not just a question of technical parameters; it is also a question of interior design. It is all about feeling good and creating a striking personality. Your GT MF4, like all Wiesmann sports cars, incorporates both of these concepts. Its design is, after all, geared towards one key personality: yours.

Wiesmann GT MF4-S.

Not for theorists.

There are things that cannot be read; they have to be experienced. Such things include the breathtaking character of the V8 torque power engine that drives the GT MF4-S. An abstract knowledge alone of speeds of up to 8 300 rpm, of 420 unleashed horsepower and the driving response that reacts to the driver‘s every whim in record time, will not satisfy you. You need to feel it.

Afterwards, you won’t want to read anymore.
You’ll just want to drive.

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