2011 Wiesmann GT MF5


(from Wiesmann Press Release)   Every body remains at a state of rest unless forced to change as a result of external forces. In order not to stand still, we inevitably have to move. And anyone entrusted with a Wiesmann MF5 in this moment can turn physics into sheer pleasure. After all, this roadster is a powerful combination of power and style, and every encounter with the MF5 Roadster or GT MF5 becomes an unforgettable experience.

"In the MF5, we have developed the most powerful model in a series of classic sports cars in terms of design and technology. The secure aluminium monocoque, the extremely low weight, the powerful engine and the exclusive details pave the way for pure driving pleasure, which is exactly what we had in mind”
Friedhelm Wiesmann

The end of the curve debate

In maths a curve is a one-dimensional object that generally has a curve. In the GT MF5 a curve means three-dimensional driving pleasure. This sports car takes bends as they come: Masterfully and without debate.

It’s only a shame that Wiesmann doesn’t make roads as well.

The Interior

Instant mood enhancement

Is there any other sports car that amplifies driving pleasure quite so rapidly as the GT MF5ogon; Probably not – which is why we don’t just refer to the car’s extraordinary dynamics. The cockpit design, too, is an impressive mood enhancer. Not least because you in the driving seat when it comes to choosing the leather, materials and manufacturing variants.

Serious Wheels