2011 Wiesmann Roadster MF3


(from Wiesmann Press Release)  Wiesmann Roadster MF3

Freed from all redundant features, the MF3 Roadster brings the essence of the classic sports car back to our streets – and in its perhaps most elegant packaging. The MF3 Roadster has a very clear concept in terms of its design, build and style: pure enjoyment for you.

“With the MF3, we have realised our ideal of the purist sports car. Its drivers can enjoy the most exclusive extras available: fun, freedom and speed“.
Friedhelm Wiesmann

The Exterior

So sleek. So sporty.

True form always has its measure. The MF3 Roadster is exactly 3.86 metres long, 1.75 metres wide and 1.16 metres high. These dimensions make it a sports car with a classic design and in the highest build quality. It is a thing of timeless beauty for its driver.

The interior

It’s all a question of character

The MF3 Roadster is able to display every facet of its personality. After all, its interior meets the demands of your imagination and taste. Every MF3 Roadster is thus a unique, highly-individual sport car that represents a distinctive personality. It comes with a choice of more than 400 types of leather.
You can even make your car your own with the lighting in the cockpit. The car’s interior resembles other Wiesmann sports cars in only one aspect: The quality of the materials and the handcrafted workmanship are beyond reproach.

Serious Wheels