2011 Wittera Retro-Ma.de Spyder


(from Wittera Press Release)  The Retro-Ma.de Spyder by WITTERA

With the Retro-Ma.de Spyder model, which is inspired by the legendary Porsche 550, WITTERA are bringing back yesterday's functionality and aesthetics. The kit car body is available in two sizes. One features a historically correct wheels base. It can be either mounted to a space frame or a shortened undercarriage of a Volkswagen Beetle. The S version, on the other hand, is longer and fits a Beetle's standard chassis. Having wider fenders, it's also possible to use broader rims and tyres here.
Furthermore the engine is positioned between the seats and the rear axle in this case. Meaning, the S model got a middle engine layout. This configuration improves driving manners, first. But second engines other than that of the VW Beetle can be installed. However, because the car body of the Retro-Ma.de Spyder is very flat, the range is limited to boxer-type aggregates.

One could be taken from the Alfa Romeo 33, for example. Thanks to a capacity of 1.7 Litres and 16V technology it delivers 132 HP. Since the Spyder is a puristic and lightweight sports car, acceleration is more than enjoyable with this motor. But there can be even more power. To achieve this the Germans have developed a trick to transplant a turbo charged Subaru motor into the Spyder. Instead of the original gear box, they found that one from Audi can be used. Thanks to that the drive train fits in the engine compartment. Then up to 254 ponies will be at command. This is over 100 HP more than even the fastest cars of the Retro-Ma.de Spyder's stylistic archetype ever had – and they were racing cars!
For a more intense driving experience WITTERA offer a Speedster layout. Having no canopy top and a shorter windscreen, the Spyder is lighter and wind forces more noticeable to the driver. No matter what characteristic is desired: An eye-catching cruiser for the city's boulevards or an all-out mid engine driving machine for the autobahn, the Retro-Ma.de Spyder can be all that. It is available as a kit car. Very ambitious projects can also be supported and/or directly realised by the experts of WITTERA - capacity utilisation permitting. More information are available via www.Retro-Ma.de

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