2012 Alpha N BMW 1M RS


(from Alpha Press Release)  The real Alpha Beast!

Even though the name Alpha-N may not necessarily be a household name, Alexander Zilliger and Markus Gutjahr are almost real doyens of the tuning sector: Both men established their own company after their previous employer Veritas-VBT Racing resolved to shut down its own business segment of ‘Tuning & Sports car construction’ for reasons of complete re-orientation. That was to be the birth of Alpha-N which saw both passionate adherents of tuning picking up seamlessly where Veritas-VBT Racing left off. From then on, they also took up the maintenance of all BT vehicles (Brabham Racing). Alpha-N’s main focus was however set on the development of carbon bodywork parts as well as the build-up of BT project vehicles.

With the complete reconstruction of a BMW 1 M series coupe, Alpha-N has succeeded in creating a real spectacular Alpha Beast. As is well known, the reduction of weight is the uppermost priority in racing sport, for which, at best, the peccably expensive material ‘carbon fiber’ is applied. For this reason, the technicians of Alpha-N fitted the bodywork of the 1 M series with a completely new carbon clad comprising a carbon engine hood with air outlets, one set of carbon front spoiler corners, a carbon roof, carbon rear flap with integrated spoiler lip and a carbon rear diffuser.

The Alpha-N’s 1M RS also has a lot to offer from the point of view of driving dynamics. After a complete reworking of the serial six cylinder version with an engine displacement of about three liters, the axle drive shafts will henceforth be pulled by 410 Horse Power. This horse power capacity that is 70 HP in excess of the serial engine was achieved through software optimization, a new air duct as well as a specially developed exhaust system. To facilitate the adequate braking of this propulsion in a manner befitting of its specie, Alpha-N fitted the front axle of the 1 M series with a high-performance braking system from MAC with 380 mm large disks and 6 piston saddles. There was also a set of sports brake pads and flexible steel lines added to it. The pressure of contact with the surface of the road is assumed by extremely light O.Z. Superforgiata rims measuring 8.5 inches in the front and 10.0x19 inches in the rear and fitted with a Michelin Cup tire of 245 and 265.

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