(from ATT-TEC Press Release) THE "OPTIMISED" M3 with 520 hp by ATT-TEC

Independently of the year of make, it was so much spoken and written about the BMW M3, that the ultimatum-like praise is almost inappropriate here. The ultimate fan group is fully acquainted with what its favorite has, especially when we speak about a perfectly fitted Cabrio.

The company ATT-TEC from the city of Rastatt in Baden tried its best to make the model an eye catcher automatically by providing this matt black steam hammer with precise power improvement in combination with optimized wrapping foil by means of two color filming.

It is worth to mention the compressor kit by G-Power that costs €11,430.00, including the software. The installation required further €1,310.00 and also brought an intensive performance increase of 100 hp. Therefore there is a corresponding exhaust system with 2 x 90 mm diameter stainless steel baffles in left/right version for €1,455.00 and €140.00 for the installation. ATT-TEC equipped this M3 with a grand wheel and tyre combination: one-piece forged 8,5x20 inches ADV.1 rims in 5.1 design on the front axis and 11x20 inches ones – on the rear axis (with the certificate of technical inspection). The wheel set costs €7,150.00, and it is equipped with Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tires 245/30R20 on the front and 295/20R20 – on the rear axis. For the further improvement of the driving dynamics, the car has installed Inox Line III Variant lorry track coilovers for €1,929.00. Further installation expenses, including the wheel alignment, rise up to €559.00.

At last the ATT-TEC brings up the two colored and absolute unique special filming including carbon wrapping foil for €2,600.00. The complete tuning price makes up €26,573.00 but, on the other side, there is almost no chance to meet its twin on the road. Individuality has its price!

For further information on this vehicle please contact:

Auto Technik Tuning
Ottersdorfer Str. 15
76437 Rastatt
Tel.: 07222/159900
Fax: 07222/159901
E-mail: info@att-tec.com
Internet: www.att-tec.com

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